CBS Los Angeles: Holiday gifts & ungrateful kids?!

What’s that? Sometimes kids can be ungrateful when opening holiday gifts? No. (Gasp.) Never. How to raise grateful kids who appreciate each and every gift they may get in the era of me-me-me and get-get-get? Smack ’em over the head. (Just kidding. Kinda.) Truth be told, my girls are really good girls — sure, they […]

Holiday Shopping: Kick Back & Give Back with TOMS

DISCLOSURE: TheFABMom was compensated for purposes of this post. All opinions and experiences are mine. ‘Tis the season for holiday shopping and giving back. I’ve been thinking a lot about what it really means to give. Well, let’s see. According to Google (ha. where else would I look?) here’s what I found ‘give’ to mean: v. […]

Girls Day Out: Shimmer and Shine with Nick Jr!

DISCLOSURE: I was compensated for attending this event sponsored by Nick Jr. and All thoughts and opinions below are my own.  Boom Zahramay! (Did I spell that right?!) Those are the hippest magic words around these days thanks to two genie sisters named Shimmer and Shine. I should know. Because I have two little […]

CBS Los Angeles: Give your kid a knife?

It’s Thanksgiving week as I write this… and man, am I HUNGRY! I’m also reminiscent and thankful for many beautiful things this past year — family always takes the cake, but career and friends are coming in a very close second these days, gang. But let’s get to how to cook safely with kids in […]

CBS Los Angeles: Dangerous Garages & Mom’s Courage

It’s TheFABMom’s Family Safety Week — on CBS Los Angeles! Is your garage safe? That’s right, kids: Every night this week (November 14-18, 2016) I’ll be tackling topics and quick fixes to help keep our families safe from all angles — setting up a safe garage, preparing an easy disaster kit with kids, getting ahead of […]

CBS Los Angeles: Election Results & Respect.

What should we tell the kids?!? Almost every Southern California parent on my social media feeds, in addition to the LA Times and The Huffington Post, are asking this question after President Elect Donald Trump won the election. Many don’t like these election results. But here they are. No matter what side you voted for […]

CBS Los Angeles: LA Baby Show & biggest mistakes new parents make.

What? New parents make mistakes? Oh yes we do. Let’s not talk about that time my first born silently slid off the bed when I looked away to grab her an outfit. (Thankfully she was okay.) Or that time I put a 9-month sized outfit on my 2 year old?!? Yeah. So, in the spirit of all […]

Want to fly? Try Keeping Up With The Joneses.

DISCLOSURE: I was invited to take part in this blogger event for purposes of this post and celebrating the upcoming movie Keeping Up with the Joneses. All experiences and opinions are mine.  It was a Thursday morning. I had gleefully RSVP’d YES. I was gonna fly, baby! Like, really fly. I used to have dreams about […]

CBS Los Angeles: Parent Teacher Conferences can be FUN?!

Parent teacher conferences had me freaked the first time. Now, I think they’re fun. Yes: FUN. Why? Because what’s more fun than feeling good about getting your kid on the right track? It’s like parent crack (in a good way, you know). My mom is a teacher. My sister is a teacher. My dad’s mom (yes, […]

Time Management: The timer that changed me.

I don’t have time for that. Cite those words as the most frequent phrase flying out of my mouth these days. It’s getting flipping annoying…even to myself. You too? I had a hunch. Here are five fast tips for time management so we can make more time in our days. Because we can all use more time […]

CBS Los Angeles: Bully this, Bully that.

When I told my mom that I was covering ‘bullying prevention tips’ on my CBSLA segments last week, she sorta rolled her eyes through the phone. Okay, she REALLY rolled her eyes through the phone and was not so shy about expressing what she thought: “In all my [40] years as a teacher, I never […]