The little long story of Jill Simonian…

Welcome to my living experiment, TheFabMom!

Just like the tagline suggests, TheFabMom was born as a motivating and entertaining lifestyle site that features personal stories, tips, tricks & products to keep life focused, fun, fit, ‘filosophical’ and as close to fabulous as possible after having babies. (Yes, all good things on this site start with an ‘F.’) In other words, this blog is my nutty attempt to kick myself in the a$$ to keep myself, my attitude, my hubby, my home, career-goals, motivations, aspirations and toddlers as close to FABULOUS as possible… and inspire other women to do the same.

TheFabMom (me, I guess) served as a regular on-camera Mom & Family Lifestyle Contributor  for Hallmark Channel’s “Home & Family” daytime show (hosted by Emmy winner Mark Steines and New York Times bestselling author Cristina Ferrare) for 2013-2014. Additionally, I’ve been repeatedly spotted on HLN, E!, KTLA’s Morning News (Los Angeles), ReelzChannel and top mom/parenting sites across the web (Right StartModern MomMomversation, Huffington Post Live… to name a few). My appearances involve chatting about baby-products/gear/style, celebrity-parents/Mommywood, hot-topic parenting trends, movies for moms & kids and all things mom & pregnancy-related. I’ve also been the ‘mom’ face for a multitude of branded digital campaigns: showcasing the rad features of T-Mobile’s My-Touch phone, transforming Lance snack crackers into edible ladybugs, interviewing inspirational moms across the country for Bel Brands and spilling wild stories about my babies’ bathtime routines for Target. (This stuff in addition to my  freelance day-jobs as an Entertainment Reporter/Host.)

For this former Miss Hollywood, being a “Fab Mom” is a lifestyle inspired by a spectrum of women I personally respect and admire. The moms that inspire me are the ones who dress up, clean up, suck it up, problem-solve quickly and are assured in their choices. Those ideals have turned into my mom-rules too. And when I feel UNfabulous and buried under a pile of poopy diapers… I tell myself to shut-up, stop complaining and remind myself to laugh it off and put on more lipstick. Of course I fall off the wagon periodically, but here I share my own tips, tricks, trials, triumphs, fave products and and opinionated “filosophies” about how to be one of those capable, ‘fabulous moms’ that pull off the impossible when everything else fails.

My background?

I’m a TV Host & Entertainment Journalist who *unexpectedly* learned I was pregnant in early 2010 (as a newlywed)… and all hell broke loose. Seeing that little pink plus sign in my bathroom instigated a slew of words that DID start with an “F,” but did NOT include the word “fabulous.” Specifically, I shouted: “You’d better #ucking get in here right NOW!” to my husband at the top of my lungs with tears streaming down my face. A baby was not yet in my wicked plan. My hubby was thrilled but I was far from feeling the joy and love that I now know as a Mommy. (I was basically some idiot who got lucky, but was too dumb to see it at the time.)

Being a “Mom” was not me… so I thought.

At that point, I’d been lucky to enjoy moderate success hosting and reporting for TV shows on cable and local TV (Travel Channel, ReelzChannel, KTLA-TV Los Angeles)… and finding out that you’re preggers doesn’t exactly mean your star is rising. I’d never held a baby before (never wanted to, frankly), never changed a diaper, constantly ran around in high heels like a hustling lunatic and was most definitely NOT ready for this next phase. All I’d heard about motherhood were negative, frazzled tales about how challenging it was, how I’d never be the same again and how my hopes, dreams, aspirations and style would be involuntarily forfeited for a bunch of baby crap spread all over my chic apartment. Fabulous. I liked my old life and I wasn’t ready to swap anything for the peaks and perils of parenthood. And then it clicked: My challenge would be to keep my life the same (or close to it) after having a baby. No slowing down. No whining. No complaining. No excuses. And you’d bet I was gonna fit back into my old jeans a few months later.

Little did I know that some of the biggest things in my TV career would happen after my first baby (hello CNN).


The whole thing happened AGAIN. Surprise, I got pregnant… when my first daughter was 8-months old. (Hubby and I obviously need a sex-ed class.)

My little girls, known to readers as the legendary LadyP and precious LilMiss, were born September 2010 and March 2012, respectively. This blog was born in 2011 as a feeble reminder to keep life FABULOUS, FUN and FLIRTY and FOCUSED after having a baby…. and now TWO babies.

Now, I’ve never felt more focused and ‘complete’… had I known I’d have so much fun and feel so fulfilled as a mom, I’d have gotten knocked up a long time ago! (Working on TV is actually more fun with them now.)

Even as a “Mom,” I’m still me… stilettos, mascara and cute underwear (most of the time)… and without too much whining from me when it gets hectic. And trust me, there are FAILS. I like to make fun of them… I hope you enjoy my shenanigans as I share them, but even more:

I want to hear how you rock fabulousness your way. Fails and all. That’s how we keep going.

So do tell…


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