CBS Los Angeles: Parents should check ourselves? Yup.

Family media diets are the new life skills. Why? Well, I’m sick and tired of parents being mean about the state of our world. There.

#SorryNotSorry for the mini-rant, but it’s slowly killing me. It might be killing you too? The hate, the outrage, the how-can-anyone-think-about-something-in-a-different-way-than-me, the if-you-think-about-something-this-way-then-unfriend-me-right-now.

I’m sorry. It’s not okay. The being aware part is absolutely important, the divisive hate part between folks you live with and/or live around is not.

There’s right, there’s wrong and there’s also decency. True, wacked-out things are happening these days (on both sides, by the way). True, we must remain vigilant about what’s right and wrong so that our kids see us standing up for something. True, continuing conversation about what’s important (our country, our values) is absolutely paramount — but check the nastiness between friends (on Facebook or in real life) at the door.

To be hateful, rude, bully-ish (is that even a word?) and threatening to others from a keyboard or touchscreen is not cool. Check ourselves. If we can’t handle the news, then it’s time for a media diet of some sort. For us parents, for our kids, for our families, for our own longterm sanity.

A few hours off of media every day. Weekend ‘fasts’ from our social media feeds (yes, it’s possible). Removal of news update pings on our phones to give our constantly-bombarded brains a break to bounce back.

Now you know where I was coming from for this week’s ‘FAB Mom on 2’ for CBS Los Angeles. Teaching ourselves, and our kids, how to manage media is yet another to-do on our parenting agenda — it’s one of life’s most important skills these days, and it ain’t getting any less relevant anytime soon.

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