FACETIME! Hollywood & hot food on the floor. {VIDEO}

Thinking that my messy hair reveals my pre-party shenanigans.

Thinking that my messy hair reveals my pre-party shenanigans.

Just because I’m halfway-in this Hollywood/celebrity/Mommywood world doesn’t mean that I don’t get down and dirty with the best of them. Between work, events and trying to keep all-things-fab… I probably spend more time on my floor than I should. But hey, that’s the way we roll these days.

So when I was recently invited to attend the third season premiere of Live Well Network’s wild and inspirational hit “LIVE BIG WITH ALI VINCENT,” I couldn’t get my makeup on fast enough. Not only was I *thrilled* to get out of the house for some free drinks, I was elated to meet the vivacious Ali… the *first woman* to win NBC’s The Biggest Loser (a few years ago). I was also excited to learn that this new LIVE BIG season (premiering this weekend, Saturday July 13 5:30p/4:30c) features Ali and her MOM, Bette Sue Burklund, “living big” and conquering a ton of motivating adventures together… for better or worse, one day at a time. (Lord knows mother/daughter relationships can have their challenges… right? Proof  here:

So when I found myself on my kitchen floor during dinner (again, this time before heading to hobnob with Hollywood), I couldn’t help but think: Did Ali’s mom Bette have to do this too back in the day too?  I’m guessing yes… and now she’s enjoying celebrity life with her incredible daughter riding rollercoasters and zip-lining. It’s true: you never know where life will lead you… even if you spend more time on your kitchen floor than you’d like to admit. Way to go, Bette.  :)



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