FUN. Match your kids so they’re friends as adults? Maybe.

From what some famous moms tell me (i.e.: Lori Loughlin on HuffPostLive last week), raising kids (especially sisters) to be friends as adults is all about creating a sense of teamwork. So in the spirit of that, I ask:

Anyone else out there actually dress to match their kids… on purpose? Yup. Guilty guilty guilty. In the best way. (I’m lucky my girls have good taste in clothes.) LadyP, LilMiss and I are walking out the door with matching outfits more and more frequently.

Cheetah Girls. LadyP & LilMiss's frocks, Target. My jacket, BCBG.

Cheetah Girls. LadyP & LilMiss’s frocks, Target. My jacket, BCBG.

I don’t know when it started. I take that back: It started with LadyP and I rocking faux-fur vests back when she was a baby. But now it’s graduated to coordinating prints and matching hues between us three ladies of our house.

How dorky. (Yes, dorky.) But is it?

Obviously, this is MY doing. And I’m eating it up: all cheesy, corny and super-sugar-sweetness of it. Think about it:

Whether you’re going to the playground, the market or just for a stroller walk… matching duds kinda fools you into believing that you’re that fabulous all the time (even though you might not feel like it).

It makes for spotting your kids at a party waaaay easier as they run around like animals between the jumpers, activities, games, entertainment and all-around craziness (I’ve already said how I feel about that stuff). Not to mention, other parents know who your kids belong to at a mere glance should someone misbehave or want their mommy.

It provides comedy to those who see you (ie: Did that mom really coordinate her outfit to match her kids?!?)

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Shopping is much easier when you just buy two of the same adorable thing.

Easter. Girls' dresses, Nordstrom. You can't tell, but yes, my dress is mint green.

Easter Sunday. Girls’ dresses, Nordstrom. You can’t tell, but yes, my dress is mint green.

This is the ONLY time in my girls’ lives when they’re going to think this is funny and “normal,” and not the most embarrassing thing in the world. It’s cute (and you know how I feel about cute).

Of course, we all have our individual styles and personalities that do NOT match most of the time… but I think it makes us “girls” (me the 30-something, LadyP the 2.5 year old and LilMiss the 1 year old) feel like a TEAM. We’re all in it together some days… lacy dresses and all. At the tender age my girls are now, matching outfits seem to give us a sense of unity. And isn’t that what family is about… being on the same team?

My sissy and me: circa 1980-something.

My mom did this with my sister and I, and guess what: it worked. We had matching shortsets, matching dresses, matching holiday-wear (that she even sewed herself one year!)… the pictures are to die for and so, sooooo special. Sporting fabulous “uniforms” with my own girls every now and then seems to be a little perk that I can’t seem to shake or resist.

But PLEASE, someone call the authorities if you ever see me out like this:


Yes, this headband is borrowed from my girls.



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