FAIL. The real reason behind trying to stay fabulous. {VIDEO}

“The Fab Mom” – A living experiment to stay fun, focused and fabulous after babies.

?!?!?!?!?! Who the eff cares? I DO. And I’m going to tell you why right now.

I’ll start with this story (CLICK VIDEO BELOW). Yes, it’s imperative you watch so that this whole song and dance makes sense.

There. You see? No matter how put-together, organized and fabulous you try to be, you WILL have majorly UNfabulous ‘mom’ days like the one I just told you about. We all do. Maybe you had one today? Yesterday? Maybe yours is tomorrow. It’s inevitable. I have them from time to time. (Obviously.) And after the nice lady in the checkout line offers to pay for your groceries (to which I graciously declined) you just might go back to your car and cry a little bit on the way home with your two babies in the back seat out of sheer embarrassment. I DID. (And it doesn’t make it any less humiliating when your toddler’s little voice asks “Mama why are you crying” from behind the driver’s seat.)

But when I got home, I had duckies and flowers to cheer me up. Yes, those are rubber ducks drowning floating in blue food-colored water to make it look like they’re enjoying themselves in a tropical ocean (even though I know ducks don’t belong in the ocean). Like a mad little party-planner, I came up with these offbeat centerpiece ideas last week especially for LilMiss’ “1st Birthday Lucky Duck Luau” lunch. I was so flippin’ proud of myself it was pathetic.


But more importantly, who knew that these same quack-quacks would restore my spirit after such a mortifying grocery-store debacle? Returning to my house that afternoon – with no groceries to show for my trip, slim-pickens in my pantry and zero staple ingredients to make a semi-decent dinner – these blue-stained, upside-down cheap duckies made me smile, forget about my stupid day and remember what a fun weekend we had celebrating LilMiss’ first year of precious life.

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Despite my brain-freeze that day, I came up with that brilliant centerpiece idea last week. Me. I did it. All by myself. See? I do good too. (Pat on my own back.) It’s the silly triumphs, like creating rubber duckie centerpieces, that keep me motivated, productive and happy. Period.

Hence, my personal quest behind striving to be fabulous (on a day-to-day basis) is mainly so that I can have actual evidence of and REMEMBER my best moments of creativity and put-togetherness on the days when I’m absolutely the opposite. THAT’S what snaps me back to my old self.

So mahalo, my little duckies. Thanks for the mood lift after my big mortification.