FabTip: Bust out the fancy plates.

My own wedding china & crystal. Arte Italica & Waterford.

Thanksgiving Week! Last year this time my mind was selfishly on turkey and totally-fab tablescapes. This year? We’re going to my mom’s house to eat the bird. Which means: My fancy plates are confined to their storage cabinet. (Sad face here.) But wait! Who says that fancy plates should be confined to holidays only…

So what if you have babies? So what if you haven’t used your fancy plates since you got married? So what if you feel silly using them on any given Monday. So what if you don’t even know where they are (as a proponent for maintaining fabulousness, you’d better find them).

10:30am snacks with our cousin... on fine dinnerware.

Today’s FAB TIP mandates that you use your fancy plates for your next meal. Having pizza for dinner? Who cares. Use ’em. Pull them out of the back of the cupboard when your baby naps or your kids are at school. Your husband will give you a weird look when he gets home from work, but just ignore him. You have to eat off of some kind of plates, so why not use the fun and frilly ones for once? Try to tell me you won’t feel a little lift in your step afterwards. (However, I do NOT suggest letting your kids eat off of them… ha!)

Because here’s the cold truth: if you don’t use those fancy plates now and again, you may never use them again. And that’d be a BIG waste of easy fabulousness at your fingertips.

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Now go and remind yourself how thankful you are for those frilly things that don’t see the light of day often enough.



  1. Denise Gregerson says:

    We just did this at my sister-in-laws house. She asked “Should I use my china?” (for her husbands b-day dinner…with a 7 month old, 1 year old, 3 year old, 8 year old & 11 year old!) My response “If you’ve got it…use it! Otherwise it’s a waste to have…” Then my brother in law gave us a weird look and said “Why are we using the good china???” We did ANYWAY and it was a beautiful table and dinner!


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