Fab Find! Pink Pumpkins. Really.

One of the two I've got chillin' on my porch.

This is not painted, this is not fake. This is really pink. And. This. Is. Fabulous. Nevermind that it snapped LadyP back into a good mood after a recent grocery store meltdown thanks to a giant jack-o-lantern… pink pumpkins are pushing a cause these days.

Most everybody knows that October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. In comes the Pink Pumpkin Patch to drive the message home (right to your porch!) in a most beautifully-brilliant way. I am not a spokesperson for the PPP… I’ve not been approached by them to do a post about their pumpkins… I’m merely a big supporter of causes like this that have the power to affect countless lives.

With the sale of every pink pumpkin this season, a portion of the proceeds are put towards breast cancer research. Click here to see if a market in your area carries them. I’ll admit I didn’t know that these beauties came with a good cause… I just saw them, exclaimed “pink pumpkins for my girls!” and threw them in my cart before heading over to buy tomatoes. It wasn’t until I got home and read the sticker on them when I realized these pinkies had beauty and brains. Heck, I just may go get more.

Now that’s FABULOUS. Go get yours.


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