Double Strollers: Hell on wheels.

LadyP & me checking out our options.

Double Strollers. Ugh. (Need I say more?) The fact that I’m even in the market to purchase a double-stroller is contrary – and borderline devastating – to everything I’ve thought and believed in up to this point. True, I pride myself on not making a big deal out of baby-chaos and moving along with life as usual with no whining and excuses (after all, I’m not the first person to ever have a baby), but now I’m whining. I JUST DON’T WANNA. (I blame my big fat belly and hormones.) I hate double strollers. I’m sure they hate me too for as much smack that I talk about them. Stop accusing me of being ungrateful for having 2 babies. I’m not. I’m just not thrilled about the reality of pushing something that either won’t allow me to fit through normal doors or looks like I’m the conductor of a munchkin train in front of me. Not to mention they must be heavy to haul around. And they’re expensive! (Why are they so expensive?!?) Now I’ve just got to figure out how to make this UNfabulous contraption fabulous. Any ideas? Send ’em. Please. Maybe I’ll just hang around the house for the next 2 years.


  1. Carrie Schedler harris says:

    Look into the Baby Joggers or Tike Tech brands. They are very easy to use, I can drive mine with one hand, and fit through normal doors with ease! The only down fall is that they don’t fold up very small and they will be a tight fit when shopping in the mall racks.( a tandom stroller is best for that but I;m sure you don’t want to have to buy two differant ones) I have a Tike Tech and LOVE it! You can buy infant seat adapters for both so both of the kids can be comfy! The Twins love their stroller…happy shopping!


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