Why I’ve turned un-fun (for now).

I would’ve loved to have gone to Hawaii. I still haven’t been to Paris (after 2 ill-fated attempts). Even a trip to my most fave city (NYC) would’ve been fun. As ‘fabulous after having a baby’ as I try to be, I’m opting for UNfabulous when it comes to vacationing this summer. And it’s LadyP’s fault.

Before she came along, I flat-out told Hubby “That’s the end of planes for a while.” He shook his head and rolled his eyes. He thought I was exaggerating. I guess he forgot that he married a woman of her word. I have no desire – NO DESIRE – to travel on a plane with an infant. (Maybe I’d feel differently if my immediate family lived somewhere further than a 3-hour car drive?) Usually I have respect for parents who opt to seize challenges head-on, but when I see babies on planes…. urgh… it honestly exhausts me. And that’s no way to start a vacation. Kudos to all of you who do it…. this mommy cannot. I make my point… and get schooled by a couple of my Momversation mamas who are braver than me!


  1. HI Jill, Great blog, cute little girl! Okay I have to disagree with you, I love traveling with one or two of my kids on a plane. It’s not the same as the glamourous single days but it’s an awesome opportunity to see your kiddo experience something new and exciting. Now if I am taking all 6 of my kids somewhere, it’s road trip all the way purely because I despise the looks we get when we are boarding the plane!!!

    Ah well, I am sure you will get the itch to go somewhere eventually and when you do, the tips the other moms gave are fantastic!

    • Jill Simonian says:

      Hi! Wait…. did you say SIX kids?!?!???? Whoa! Congrats! You must laugh at my inability to roll with the punches with just one! haha! Hopefully I will learn more as time goes by…


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