New Mom Style: Be a heel? Hell yes.

Time to amp up the new mom style and get a heel on. Oh but this is so much more than just about shoes, ladies…

Friday afternoon, I fell into an “I’m not in the mood for anything today” mode, threw on a pair of average jeans, a long, loose sweater and running shoes (Rachel Zoe, please forgive me) and went on a few errands with LadyP. One of my stops was the Nordstorm Ladies’ Lounge… where I walked into the following scene. Check it: the fabulous legs attached to these fabulous shoes belonged to a fabulously-dressed new mommy of a TWO WEEK OLD baby. Not kidding. Work it sister. (She was actually nursing when she graciously allowed me to take this picture!) Hail to the heels. I took one look at her, had a flashback of donning my own sky-high pumps when LadyP was first born, glanced down at my flat, boring, frumpy shoes, thought “What the hell did I put on today?” and was instantly reinvigorated to find my fab self again. True, we can all have down-days, but if you know what gets you up and running, then why not do it and boost your mood? High heels get me up and running. I feel smarter in them. I feel better in them. I feel productive in them. Find what works for you, and remember to do it on your off-days.

So, I made it a point to pull on my rock-star boots on Sunday and tromped off to a 5-year old’s loud and crazy birthday party. What idiot goes to the indoor toddler playground Under the Sea dressed like she’s going to a Black Eyed Peas concert? This one. (Yeah. Me.) It had to be done. (Let the record also state that LadyP was decked out in a leopard-print tutu and legwarmers.) And just like that, my energy returned. Thank you, Mommy-in-the-Nordstrom-Lounge… you reminded me how to be me!


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