Mom Time. Me Time. Gotta light? {video}

I've been crazy lately. Weird. Frantic. Nervous. I'm thinking it has something to do with … [Read More...]

My husband’s big scary secret. I’m outing you, babe.

DISCLOSURE: TheFabMom was graciously provided complimentary tickets to Mickey's Halloween … [Read More...]

Five years old = 43,800 hours.

Five. 5. Five years. 5 years. Five years old. It's been five years. 260 weeks. 1,825 days. … [Read More...]

Fast Tip! Aveeno® skincare in the junk drawer.

I cared for my skin from the inside out with Aveeno® as part of a sponsored post for … [Read More...]

Yes. Motherhood changes a woman’s career.

Before you start accusing me about holding working moms back from having accomplished careers with kids or discouraging successful career women from having babies on account of sacrificing their … [Read More...]

Celebrity mom Ali Landry installs a mean car seat… and rips off a gas pump.

Ha! Title made you look, didn't it? That's what you call a sneaky tease to get you to read. More on the gas pump fail thing later. First? We've got serious safety issues to talk about. Starting … [Read More...]

How to look hot at school’s morning drop off.

Mornings are not my favorite. Most of the time, I pull my hair back into a ponytail and smash sunglasses on my face so that I don't embarrass my girls too much at school's morning drop off. I mean, we … [Read More...]

After a C-Section. Tips for new moms to get over it.

I've realized that this month marks the unofficial 5th birthday of this blog. ?!!?!?!!?!? Let me say that again for extra effect: ?!!?!?!!?!? My older daughter turns 5 very soon... and she was … [Read More...]

Tricks for road trippin’ with toddlers.

Traveling with toddlers. Not exactly something any of us jump up and down at the prospect of doing. But against all fighting odds, I've kinda turned into a pro over the past 5 years. Since each of my … [Read More...]

Parenting: Yes, I make my toddler do chores.

How to keep a home fabulous? Put your toddler to work. (You think I'm kidding?) Doing chores happens at my house. It's the only way. I mean, my 3 year old LOVES picking things up and jumps at the … [Read More...]

Mommy Wars: Stop attacking my TV reporter friend.

Mom friends go to battle for each other. So I'm going to battle for one of my mom friends. You've watched that recent viral video of a Los Angeles reporter who "made the pre-Kindergarten kid cry" … [Read More...]