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Behind every mom's smile is a plan...

FILOSOPHY: 7 Fabulous Fibs I Tell My Kids.

Every mom lies. Scary Mommy is a big believer in it. Even the most honest, open-armed, mother-Earth-to-all fib to their kids. I think it's fine... fabulous, in fact. As mothers, we tell untruths to protect, to comfort or just to get our … [Read More...]

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FINDS! Fun & functional gifts for brand new moms.

Mother's Day is on it's way. Flowers. Candy. Brunches. Spas. Even jewelry maybe. But what … [Read More...]


FACETIME. How to cook dinner with toddlers. {VIDEO}

Every day, moms everywhere struggle with same issue: How to cook dinner with toddlers … [Read More...]

Flashback: 2010. Crapped on. Daily.

FILOSOPHY: Motherhood vs Showbusiness.

Last week, I had the fortune of hanging out with a few of my fave TV newswomen at the … [Read More...]


FIND! Itzy Ritzy Breastfeeding Infinity Scarf {giveaway}

All of you who've known me and been reading here for a while know how I opted out of the … [Read More...]


FAST FOOD: Quick & Crunchy Quinoa.

Argggggg. DINNER. The word itself can be exhausting. I feel like I'm always in a rut. Not fab. So here's something I threw together in a fit of desperation. CRUNCHY QUINOA (ok, only the celery's … [Read More...]

Back to NORMAL.

FILOSOPHY. Date your kids. Reverse a rut.

Don't flip. This isn't some freaky-deaky post like the title suggests. I haven't jumped the shark. (Or is it, I haven't jumped the track? The train? The cliff? I can't even remember right now.) What I … [Read More...]

Grin And Bear It

FAMOUS! Jenni Pulos, ‘Grin and Bear It’

You all know how much I heart famous moms. Can't help it. It's my entertainment-journalist-meets-new-mom life. Showbiz is rough business and motherhood is a no-glam gig. As moms, we all get screamed … [Read More...]

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FIND! Daddy Doin’ Work’s got a new book!

Well, actually the book Daddy Doin' Work: Empowering Mothers to Evolve Fatherhood drops September 2nd, 2014 (wait, do books 'drop?' is it albums that drop? I think I'm flashing back to my … [Read More...]

Total time to do? About 3 minutes. Maybe 4.

FUN! Fabulous DIY kid-friendly party table.

LilMiss is turning two! (?!?!?!?!?) A few days ago I had an early birthday brunch honoring her barge into this world with just family... which included 8 immediate kid cousins. How to turn my kitchen … [Read More...]