Confessions of a married single mom.

Guess what: I'm a single mom who's married. I actually said those exact words out loud … [Read More...]

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Fitness for New Moms: 5 frivolous ways…

Ok. I'm gonna turn things real here: I don't really exercise these days. (The shame. The … [Read More...]


LA Local: Great Park Neighborhoods Beacon Park. #MeetTheBuilders

Almost 4 years ago, my husband moved our budding family (our 8 month old LadyP and myself) … [Read More...]


Real hair. Fake hair. Mom hair. Do we care?

It's no secret I'm a longtime fan of moms faking our way to fabulousness... but did you … [Read More...]


5 (semi) controversial life lessons from Mom.

My mom's a piece of work... in the best way possible. Practical. A Pep Talker. Realistic. Happy. Fun. Beyond Capable. Takes No Crap From Nobody. She's actually the Real Fab Mom -- focused, fun … [Read More...]


Mother’s Day wish list: Consider yourself warned.

Dear everyone (especially Husband), Last week you asked me if there was anything in particular on my Mother's Day wish list. I said No, don't be silly. I lied. Here's what I'd love for Mother's Day … [Read More...]


How to get more family time at home…

An FYI: I was provided a sample of Homejoy home cleaning services for purposes of this post. All experiences are mine, all opinions are my own. Homejoy encourages busy parents & professionals to … [Read More...]


Top 3 tips for faking supermom status.

The other day I got a most sweet (and, ego-feeding) text from a longtime friend. "You really are supermom" it read. (Aha! I thought, Another one fooled!) My head wanted to fly off right then and … [Read More...]

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Armenian Genocide: Hye Moms, Step Up.

Kim Kardashian in a red hot pantsuit at one of the most somber memorials on the planet. Kanye West performing IN Yerevan, Armenia's Swan Lake. The Pope declaring in front of God and everyone that … [Read More...]


Faith After Babies: Believing in more…

Easter. (Already?) 'Tis the season to sit on the floor and chomp on Jelly Bellys all day with your daughters. Or dish up experiences on how to build a bird’s nest cake so that your family can think … [Read More...]

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Skincare for moms during work & play? A snap.

A focused FYI: I cared for my skin from the inside out with Aveeno® Active Naturals as part of a sponsored post for Socialstars #Aveeno. All experiences are mine, all opinions are my own. The time … [Read More...]