Parenting: Yes, I make my toddler do chores.

How to keep a home fabulous? Put your toddler to work. (You think I'm kidding?) Doing … [Read More...]

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Mommy Wars: Stop attacking my TV reporter friend.

Mom friends go to battle for each other. So I'm going to battle for one of my mom … [Read More...]


Get in bed. Now.

Gotcha! Get your minds out of the gutter. You well know this is not *that kind* of … [Read More...]


Our First Day of School FAIL. ?!?!?!!?

Our first day of real school is... DONE! Yeah baby. My baby! She's growing up. Sniff … [Read More...]


New Mom Body: Top 3 Finds to Bounce it Back!

Pregnant or have an expecting friend? Forget about giving new moms swaddle blankets, baby swings or stuffed animals for her soon-to-precious bundle. Give her something she's going to WANT. Give her … [Read More...]


Lip service you need to know… and tell yourself.

Resilience. I'm fascinated by it. Turns out it's an actual science that's, like, studied and stuff. Very cool. Bouncing back from life's fails that we essentially have no control over is a tricky … [Read More...]


10 (teacher-requested) things to teach kids before Kindergarten.

OMG. The Kindergarten countdown is here. (Well, Transitional Kindergarten for us since we're in California and my daughter is not yet 5...) I feel like our Ladybug Picnic birthday party just … [Read More...]


Fails & Forward-Motion. #ConnectHER15

Anyone else have a love/hate relationship with fear? (You know I do.) Sometimes I hate it. Sometimes I love it. Sometimes I don't know what to do with it (or what to think about it) until I write a … [Read More...]


Toddler Sleep Routines: UNfabulous fails.

It ain't workin' folks. The sisters-sharing-a-room thing just ain't workin.' Mostly because the sisters happen to be best buds who can't seem to be in the same room without giggling with each other … [Read More...]


FEAR (After Babies).

Just for today, let's pretend that 'The Fab Mom' actually stands for 'Fear After Babies' (as opposed to 'focused after babies'). We're going deep here. Starting a conversation about parenting … [Read More...]


Summer learning… by doing nothing. {VIDEO}

Earlier this summer, I wrote a summer parenting tips piece for Today's Parenting Team and got a lot of support and little bit of flack... just by talking all about how we will be doing "nothing" this … [Read More...]