Lip service you need to know… and tell yourself.

Resilience. I'm fascinated by it. Turns out it's an actual science that's, like, studied … [Read More...]


10 (teacher-requested) things to teach kids before Kindergarten.

OMG. The Kindergarten countdown is here. (Well, Transitional Kindergarten for us since … [Read More...]


Fails & Forward-Motion. #ConnectHER15

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Toddler Sleep Routines: UNfabulous fails.

It ain't workin' folks. The sisters-sharing-a-room thing just ain't workin.' Mostly … [Read More...]


FEAR (After Babies).

Just for today, let's pretend that 'The Fab Mom' actually stands for 'Fear After Babies' (as opposed to 'focused after babies'). We're going deep here. Starting a conversation about parenting … [Read More...]


Summer learning… by doing nothing. {VIDEO}

Earlier this summer, I wrote a summer parenting tips piece for Today's Parenting Team and got a lot of support and little bit of flack... just by talking all about how we will be doing "nothing" this … [Read More...]


Sweet Stack for 4th of July… pop!

Sugar... so sweet... I love love love sugar. And I adore the 4th of July. Something about lighting my own firework I guess. So when I put 4th of July and sugar together... I like to make it pop. … [Read More...]


Traveling Doctors & Date Night Dilemmas. {VIDEO} #IntelAIO

What to do when your husband jets off to a volunteer medical mission and leaves you at home with two wild women under the age of 5? Handle it, get stuff done and look forward to your next date night. … [Read More...]


Friendship After Babies…

Friendships change after babies. They get bigger, smaller, better or worse. Some friendships last. Some friendships don't. Some friendships end up in a gray zone. We all learn from our kids one way … [Read More...]


Me Time Motivation: Get A Sitter. Go Shop.

Get a sitter for Me Time. Ha. Easier said than done... (this coming from someone who's famous for stopping nice, responsible-looking teens ushering small children around on the streets of my … [Read More...]

'DISNEYLAND FOREVER' SPARKLES IN THE NIGHT SKY -- 'Disneyland Forever,' a new fireworks spectacular at the Disneyland Resort, illuminates the sky above Sleeping Beauty Castle. 'Disneyland Forever' transports guests into the worlds of beloved Disney and Disney•Pixar films through traditional pyrotechnics, innovative projection mapping technology and surprising special effects. (Paul Hiffmeyer/Disneyland Resort)

Disneyland with Grandpa. No princesses necessary. #Disneyland60

Every time Father's Day rolls around, I usually write something about my husband (how he freaks me out, the things I learn from him, blah blah blah)... but I rarely write about my own dad. Because … [Read More...]