CBS Los Angeles: Money talks. (Do you?)

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LOVE IS… not what I thought it was. (huh?!)

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CBS Los Angeles: Just relax already.

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CBS Los Angeles: Tips for getting kids to sleep!

How to get kids to sleep better? Get your answers here. Ok fine... this post might be a bit of an oversell. But we can try, right? Raise your hand if you have trouble getting young kids to sleep. … [Read More...]

A really bad day and fabulous daughters.

When Mom has a bad day it can show what kids are made of. No? We've all had really bad days. (Aren't they fun? Ha. Yeah right.) I had a real doozy recently and was pretty much counting the hours … [Read More...]

CBS Los Angeles: Let’s stop doing everything for our kids.

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CBS Los Angeles: Keep Crooks Away from our Kids.

Huh? Someone can ruin your child's (nonexistent) credit file? We have to protect children from credit fraud? As though we don't have enough to think about that can tempt our kids into trouble (social … [Read More...]

CBS Los Angeles: When family holiday traditions clash.

Six years. That's how long it took me to get my darling husband to come with my daughters and I on our annual family holiday tradition -- our Christmas tree hunt. I was raised a tree-snob and have … [Read More...]

BLINK! Fast & fabulous family pictures…

DISCLOSURE: I was offered a complimentary photo session for fast and fun family pictures at my local BLINK, Inc studio for purposes of this post. All experiences and opinions are mine.  Confession: … [Read More...]

CBS Los Angeles: Don’t fret about this holiday stuff.

I hate Christmas? Nah. Not really. It's just that I hate the ridiculous RUSH of the holidays. And for whatever reason, moms are pretty much the only ones who feel it (at least this is true in my … [Read More...]

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