The Babies: LilMiss (2 and 1/2), LadyP (4).

Santa confirmed it: No more babies.

This year's visit to Santa confirmed something I think I've known for a while now but have … [Read More...]


Fast Winter Skin Solutions… in your car: Aveeno® Active Naturals.

A fabulous FYI from The Fab Mom: I cared for my skin from the inside out with Aveeno® … [Read More...]


Christmas Breakfast DONE. And a free vacation at The Ranch Laguna Beach!

I'm already ready for a post-holiday vacation. (You too?) Well guess what: I'm giving one … [Read More...]


Fast & Fab Christmas decorating ideas. DONE!

I love decorating. LOVE decorating. (Y'all know that.) Lights and glitter and silver and … [Read More...]


Mickey Mouse, Holiday Magic & Major Therapy.

HOLIDAYS. Holi-DAZE. They started with me feeling emotional, tired and NOT VERY NICE. (Trust me, I'm about to slap myself for being so woe-is-me.) The flat tire that found me on our return from … [Read More...]


A stress-free Thanksgiving? Sure. No prob.

I heart Thanksgiving... always have, probably always will. It's the only holiday that totally revolves around FOOD -- AND NOTHING ELSE. No religious beliefs involved. No gifts to shop for and lose … [Read More...]

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FUN-lanthropy! Holiday giving for Mending Kids. #MendingKidsLove

FUN-lanthropy = The art of learning about, educating your friends and giving back time and/or money to a charitable organization that does real good in our big bad world... while having a blast doing … [Read More...]


3 must-read lifestyle tips for new moms!

Have we all decided when the 'new mom phase' ends yet? Is it when your youngest turns 1? Your oldest turns 5? Both kids are potty trained? No clue. I still feel like a new mom... a more … [Read More...]

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My 5 fabulous healthy eating tips for toddlers!

I swear... trying to get toddlers to eat good, whole, decent food is a pain in the you-know-what sometimes. Ok, a lot. (Or is it just my picky toddlers?) Let's talk about what my 2 year old LilMiss … [Read More...]


FAST FAMILY FOOD! Pulled pork for days…

What's for dinner the week? (Again). Sick of this question and need of some fast family meal ideas? (Yeah.) Meal planning experts recommend making things easy on ourselves and cooking a big ol' pot of … [Read More...]

Bzzzzz. Trick or treat. Or I'll sting you.

Boo! 6 smart, spooktacular Halloween rules!

Be spooked. Be scared. Be very, very wary... I’ve never really gone all that crazy for Halloween, but as my girls get older and more into the costumes (and candy! lollipops! chocolate!), I’m learning … [Read More...]