Paranoid Parenting: Stop freaking out, moms!

This morning, my two year old LilMiss accidentally took a quick swig of milk from her … [Read More...]


Toddler bedtime antics. Squeals included. {VIDEO}

What's that? You've got toddler bedtime antics happening at your house too? Yup. It's all … [Read More...]

Me. As Snow White (for Hallmark Channel's "Home & Family" special).

Princess Problems… SOLVED.

Ah, princess problems. I'm in it again, people: Call it a princess place. Call it a … [Read More...]


Summer toddler activities that would get me trouble. #OurSummerJourney

As I shared the other day, summer was a bit bipolar. Ups, downs, in-betweens. Some good, … [Read More...]


Life: Why 2 funerals made me want to party.

"Why are you doing this? What is the occasion?" asked someone close to me that I see on a weekly basis these days (don't ask who it was, I won't incriminate myself). At the time of the inquiry, I was … [Read More...]


OMG. Am I pregnant again?!?

Every few months, I panic. There's no logical reason for me to, but well, you know my history. I recently panicked thanks to my funny and famous friend (and fellow mommy maven) Kristin Cruz (the … [Read More...]


5 ideas for a fabulous wedding anniversary at home. With toddlers.

My five year wedding anniversary came and went. Huuuuuuhhhhhhh? I'm still confused about it. 5 years. 2 kids. No one was pregnant before we got married. ?!!? No wonder I'm exhausted.In an effort to … [Read More...]


FINDS! Back-to-School supplies that slipped your mind.

Chances are, school already started for your kiddos. Chances are, you already bought and got all your back-to-school supplies. Chances are, none of the stuff listed below was on your list. Chances … [Read More...]


Back to Preschool: 5 reasons I’m bummed… and the thing that will make it better.

Yes, I'm a bit bummed about heading back to preschool soon. Sue me. Whaaaaat?!? I know... it's not normal. Every mom in the universe and beyond will soon demand written proof of my sanity. "I can't … [Read More...]


10 fast time-saving tips for busy moms!

I LOVE wasted time. L.O.V.E. I.T. (Please say my sarcasm is loud and clear.) Time is the most valuable component of motherhood... period. There are 24 hours in a day, and even though most of us wish … [Read More...]

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FOCUSED! The New Mom Postpartum Pantyraid.

Hey you! Did ya know that there's a National Underwear Day? (Tuesday, August 5, to be precise. Yes, I celebrate.) No, I'm not getting paid to mention it... I merely saw it on some online 'special days … [Read More...]