FILOSOPHY: 7 Fabulous Fibs I Tell My Kids.

Behind every mom's smile is a plan...

Every mom lies. Scary Mommy is a big believer in it. Even the most honest, open-armed, mother-Earth-to-all fib to their kids. I think it’s fine… fabulous, in fact. As mothers, we tell untruths to protect, to comfort or just to get our perfect little monsters darlings off our backs and quiet for 10 seconds. I […]

FACETIME. How to cook dinner with toddlers. {VIDEO}


Every day, moms everywhere struggle with same issue: How to cook dinner with toddlers running amuck. (I know I struggle with it.) Well I’ve figured out my solution. BAM. Just like that. Fabulous. Don’t think for a second that I’m suggesting you include your toddlers in the daily cooking process… please. Much love and respect […]

FAST FOOD: Quick & Crunchy Quinoa.


Argggggg. DINNER. The word itself can be exhausting. I feel like I’m always in a rut. Not fab. So here’s something I threw together in a fit of desperation. CRUNCHY QUINOA (ok, only the celery’s crunchy). This is fit+healthy (protein!), fancy-foodie-like (feta cheese!) and takes about five minutes to throw together (minus the quinoa cooking-part, that […]

FAMOUS! Jenni Pulos, ‘Grin and Bear It’

Grin And Bear It

You all know how much I heart famous moms. Can’t help it. It’s my entertainment-journalist-meets-new-mom life. Showbiz is rough business and motherhood is a no-glam gig. As moms, we all get screamed at, cried at, whined at, yelled at in our home lives (I don’t want Cheerios even though I just asked for them!!!!). Our […]

FUN! Fabulous DIY kid-friendly party table.

Total time to do? About 3 minutes. Maybe 4.

LilMiss is turning two! (?!?!?!?!?) A few days ago I had an early birthday brunch honoring her barge into this world with just family… which included 8 immediate kid cousins. How to turn my kitchen into a fun and fabulous kid-zone appropriate for brunching? Like this: I snagged a plastic tablecloth and ribbon and wrapped […]

FUN! Fab, Frilly & Easy DIY Party Vases.


My mom recently threw a bridal shower for my “baby” cousin (i.e.: our youngest cousin who I still remember babysitting when she was a baby). Guess who was enlisted to do the centerpieces? My sister and I… and I think we came up with something pretty fabulous, frugal and unbelievably easy (think, NO GLUE GUN). […]

FUN! 5 fabulous party themes for girls.


Girls just wanna have fun. Right? Right. With two little girls under the age of three, I feel like I’ve turned into a birthday-party-planning diva that is tiring of all the usual themes. (Despite my love of crowns, I might just scream if I see one more pink princess tablecloth….) So in the spirit of my […]

FACETIME! Car Confession: Toddler jewelry. {VIDEO}


It’s another Car Confession, folks. Has your toddler managed to collect fabulous fine jewelry… thanks to baptisms, birthdays or anything else where grandparents have felt the need to give something ‘lasting?’ I’m confessing what I do with mine ours. Do you do this too? WATCH: Now you fess up — WHAT’S YOUR BIG CONFESSION THIS […]

Five ways to treat yourself this love week. {VIDEO}

Image courtesy of Tieks.

February is Love Month. Period. Last year I made the case for us moms to make an effort to love ourselves more. This year, thought I’d share five fabulous ideas for celebrating ourselves. This week, treat yourself to… NEW LINGERIE. After my big birthday bomb-out, I decided to get all flirty and fun and shake […]

FILOSOPHY: How to survive shopping with 2 or more kids.

The third kid? My adorable niece.

Let’s not waste time: Shopping with kids is not always fun. The best way to shop with more than 2 kids is to leave them at home with a babysitter. But that type of luxury isn’t always possible or cost-efficient. Bummer. But it IS possible to make it bearable with a few tips and reminders […]

FUN! Get the picture: Happy New Year!


I’ll be blunt: I don’t even try to do Christmas cards because I can’t get it together in time. Don’t want to try. Don’t really care. So what. I like New Year’s Eve much better anyways. Always have. Most likely always will. The reflection of year’s past, the planning of new goals for the future, […]