FAST FOOD. Easy fall veggies.


I’m not a pro-chef, but I do like to cook… but I often don’t have time for it. Here’s a fast and foolproof solution for the daily “I’m-tired-of-coming-up-with-things-for-dinner” dilemma: EASY FALL VEGGIES: OILING AND BROILING. My faves to do this with? Potatoes, brussel sprouts, cauliflower, butternut squash. Even my picky girls eat up when veggies are cooked […]

FINDS! Mom-uniform reinvented (but just as comfy).


My recent assignment for Hallmark Channel’s “Home & Family”: Glam-up, trend-up and one-up the mom-uniform. Actually, it wasn’t assigned… I kinda came up with it and pitched it with hopes producers would like it. I mean, this blog is called ‘The Fab Mom’ and all, but please… I am human… I like to hang out […]

FINDS! Apps to get parents organized. {Home & Family}


I may only have toddlers, but let me tell you: The schedules are getting crazy. (And to think, I really don’t believe in overbooking my kids for playdates and lessons they’re not ready for.) My oldest enjoys a weekly dance class… as well as two mornings a week at preschool. We have never-ending artwork (from […]

FACETIME. Wife duties: How to get your husband to say yes. {VIDEO}


Going on a biz trip, road trip with girlfriends or just ditching out on regular life with your two daughters (to spend half-a-week at your parents’ house for out-of-town Grandma/Grandpa time) sometimes makes me feel bad for leaving my husband at home all by himself. Afterall, the guy would starve if I wasn’t here to […]

FACETIME: How to fake a fab manicure. {VIDEO}


I don’t have time for manicures, but I do have time for this. And I do it while I work. May I present: How to fake a fab manicure. My own little self-invented secret. No more polish remover, no more spending time on things you don’t have time for. ENJOY! (Just don’t look too close.) WHAT’S YOUR […]

FILOSOPHY: The fab phrase my girls are falling for.

Check out The Guys a few tables over...

All clever moms lie to their children… especially to their toddlers. (I do…. I’m pretty sure Scary Mommy still does when she can get away with it.) This chocolate isn’t what you think it is, it’s really mommy’s medicine and tastes really yucky. This iced tea is also very very yucky. The Guy’s gonna come and shut down […]

FACETIME: Makeup in the morning? It’s possible with THIS… {VIDEO}


How to get makeup on in the morning? With two toddlers you’d think it’d be impossible. BUT! If you’ve got one of what I show you below in your kitchen (i.e.: NOT a TV), it’s totally do-able. WATCH and see (and yes, I DID fix her ponytail afterwards). HOW DO YOU PUT ON YOUR FAB […]

FINDS! Worry-Free Home Safety & Foresight (featuring Kidde systems).

Now you know what to look for...

I don’t WHAT is going on at my house lately, but we have been accident-prone. Like, unbelievably accident-prone. I even cut my finger with a ktichen knife. No one is exempt (except my husband, but he doesn’t count because he’s at work and not technically under our roof during the day). It’s freakin’ me out. […]

FACETIME. Cars are meant for more than driving. {VIDEO}


I don’t know what my deal has been the last few weeks… I’ve been beyond exhausted. BEYOND. If I didn’t know better I’d say I was pregnant again. But I know better, so that’s out. I can’t seem to get enough sleep… so here’s my latest and most fabulous trick for YOU to rip off. […]

FINDS! Bounce back after-baby: Fabulous products for new moms.


As seen on TV, folks! Let’s just get this outta the way quick: I spent the day with THE LaToya Jackson on account of my responsibility to inform YOU about my most fave and fabulous products to help a new mom bounce back in mind, body and spirit after having a baby on Hallmark Channel’s “Home […]

FOOD: Ladybugs, spiders, and winning $100,000 from Lance Snacks! {video}


I LOVE PARTIES!!!!! This isn’t news people. (My husband is so sick of hearing this phrase come out of my mouth. The amount of exclamation points particularly jolts him, I think.) For LilMiss’ recent first birthday, we went all-out with a Lucky Duck Luau theme (did ya see my centerpieces?). And if you go back […]

FUN. How to make family weekday dinners fabulous. {VIDEO}


Now that the weather’s getting warmer (here in LA, anyways), eating outside is becoming our norm more and more. But… I’ve discovered that if I add ONE new ingredient to my dinnertime creations, it just makes things a bit more fab (and no, I’m not talking about wine). Thought I’d share my way-too-easy and not-so-brilliant […]

FIT. How to use your toddler to stay fit. {VIDEO}

No, not a tan line (it's the shadow of my own phone).

In the spirit of the approaching swimsuit season, I want ya to try something every single night. Do it in your bathroom. Do it in your closet. I don’t care where you do it… just do it. TOUCH. YOUR. TOES. Before you brush your teeth, after getting dressed, between putting away dishes from the dishwasher. (I do […]

FUN. Match your kids so they’re friends as adults? Maybe.

Circa 1980-something.

From what some famous moms tell me

FACETIME. Just stay in the car. {VIDEO}


We’ve all been there… driving around town, running errands, getting things done while our babies sleep in their carseats. Fab. But what’s not so fab? When your baby doesn’t transfer from carseat to crib very nicely (like my 11 month old LilMiss). Two year old LadyP is cool with the whole pick-me-up-and-move-me thing, but for […]

FILOSOPHY. What I learned from babysitting 5 kids… even though I flopped.


Babysit five kids? Willingly? Sure! Why not. (Ok fine, 2 of the kids I babysat were actually mine.) I did it for the sake of helping out some of my favorite cousins. I did it for the challenge. I did it so the babysitter-gods take extra notice and never leave me without a sitter when I need one. […]

FACETIME. Fab-feeding a finicky baby? WATCH THIS. {VIDEO}

Screen Shot 2013-02-09 at 8.56.27 PM

It’s been a long few weeks folks. My baby hates babyfood. Or, I should say, ANYTHING pureed, smooth or mushy. I’ve been swatted at, screamed at and flustered by my 10-month old LilMiss who seems to think she’s got enough power in those two bottom teeth of hers to chew pizza, Korean short ribs and […]

What would Joan Rivers say? Our week of fabulous fashion foolishness.


If Joan Rivers ever sees these pictures I’m scared of what she might say. But whatever… it was CHRISTMAS. Also known as: My-own-excuse-to-create-the-most-frivolous-fashion-frenziness for my girls. But that’s how it works. I’m the Mom. And since I was blessed with two little girls, I take my responsibility to dress them for fabulous occasions VERY seriously. […]