FILOSOPHY: 7 Fabulous Fibs I Tell My Kids.

Behind every mom's smile is a plan...

Every mom lies. Scary Mommy is a big believer in it. Even the most honest, open-armed, mother-Earth-to-all fib to their kids. I think it’s fine… fabulous, in fact. As mothers, we tell untruths to protect, to comfort or just to get our perfect little monsters darlings off our backs and quiet for 10 seconds. I […]

FACETIME. How to cook dinner with toddlers. {VIDEO}


Every day, moms everywhere struggle with same issue: How to cook dinner with toddlers running amuck. (I know I struggle with it.) Well I’ve figured out my solution. BAM. Just like that. Fabulous. Don’t think for a second that I’m suggesting you include your toddlers in the daily cooking process… please. Much love and respect […]

FILOSOPHY. Date your kids. Reverse a rut.

Back to NORMAL.

Don’t flip. This isn’t some freaky-deaky post like the title suggests. I haven’t jumped the shark. (Or is it, I haven’t jumped the track? The train? The cliff? I can’t even remember right now.) What I have done is figured out a fabulous way for myself to get through some of these extra-difficult toddler days […]

FUN! Fabulous DIY kid-friendly party table.

Total time to do? About 3 minutes. Maybe 4.

LilMiss is turning two! (?!?!?!?!?) A few days ago I had an early birthday brunch honoring her barge into this world with just family… which included 8 immediate kid cousins. How to turn my kitchen into a fun and fabulous kid-zone appropriate for brunching? Like this: I snagged a plastic tablecloth and ribbon and wrapped […]

FOCUSED. Fear, “Frozen,” Oscars & that horse.

See the blue glitter mane? Fabulous.

Another year down at the Oscars. Frozen won. (Of course it did. The music, the story, the fabulous gown that Elsa wears…) And as much as we are in love with it, every parent is sick of hearing their adorable little kids sing about Frozen, talk about Frozen, dress like Frozen and act out scenes […]

FOCUSED. The big birthday bomb-out.

LilMiss started the sick-thing at our house.

My birthday was a week ago, but this year it didn’t happen. The birthday number itself was fairly significant (pushing me over a threshold that’s closer to another future number that’s even bigger) but it was uneventful, uncomfortable and a little soggy and sad. On a day (week, actually) that I thought I’d be celebrating […]

FAILS. The big Christmas tree foul-up.


Merry everything! Tis the season for fa-la-la-la-la and fabulous fails that you must figure out how to fix. As you know, I’m a declared tree snob. Always have been, always will be (with any hope). But this year’s tree-experience put me to the test. Talk about a festive fail. I came this close to abandoning my […]

FUN-lanthropy! The Give-Back Party.


As many of you experienced a few weeks ago, I’m a bit obsessed with giving back this season. (I’m convinced it’s the mom-compassion thing that’s doing it. Or it could be the warm-and-fuzzy vibe at work, Hallmark’s “Home & Family.”) Through all the shopping and decorating and getting-together-with-friends before everyone disappears for their own family […]

FOCUSED: Enjoy the MOMents.


It’s Thankful week… Recently I made an on-air declaration (on Home & Family) about how I’ve been making an extra effort this past year to be thankful and enjoy the smaller moments that pop up in life. The little things. As in, the ‘Mom Moments’ (MOMents) of still being woken up in the middle of […]

FACETIME. My kind of holiday? Treats with my girls. {VIDEO}


I’m pretty sure my girls will be bouncing off the walls this holiday season. (They already are.) It’ll totally be my fault on account of all the butter and sugar they’re gonna get, but that’s what the holidays are for… right? Making messes with baking goods. (The picture to the left is a real-life crime […]

FACETIME. Moms, pick up your muffins. {VIDEO}

Compliments of Skechers.

I love shopping with my girls. Been doing it since the beginning. Having four extra tiny little feet movin’ and groovin’ in a dressing room with me is a hoot and a half… minus the times when they crawl underneath the stalls and surprise someone else mid-change, but that happens to everyone, right? Let’s face […]

FUN. My new Halloween rules.

Bzzzzz. Trick or treat. Or I'll sting you.

This blog entry was originally posted on Right Start Blog. Warning: This post might spook you. I’ve never been one to go crazy for Halloween, but as my girls get older and more into the costumes (and candy), I’m learning how to say “Boo!” a whole lot better than I used to. Before babies, I […]

FIND! On My Way to Bed, by Sarah Maizes.


I was officially EXHAUSTED from my toddlers whining about not wanting to go to bed. I’d had it up to here. But now I just laugh at it… Why my sudden sense of humor? Because author (and friendly blogger/writer/humorist/woman-and-mom-of-3-extroirdinaire) Sarah Maizes has done it again. Her most recent children’s book, On My Way to Bed, is […]

FUN? Toddlers at a fancy event.


I’m hoping you sense the irony in my title? “FUN: Toddlers at a fancy event” pretty much goes against everything I believe in and is frankly a walking contradiction. Was it fun? Really? Formal events are my FAVORITE. Always have been. Always will be. Fabulous dresses, wine, frilly desserts… So when my two little devils angels were […]

FILOSOPHY: Piecing together the princess problem.


Many of my best and most modern mom-friends will tell you that princesses are “evil.” I never got why, but for some reason found myself turning against them once I became a mom. When LadyP busted into our lives, people would sweetly comment, “Oh what a little princess!” and inside I would seethe. She is […]

FILOSOPHY. Baby sisters & parenting.


I’m the big sister in my family. Between my little sister and I: I had to hold the broken flower together at one of our many childhood photoshoots… I had an earlier curfew in high school… I got in trouble for stupid things (while she did not). Why does she get away with that? I’d […]

FUN: The most fab way to end lunch with a friend.

Zzzzzzzzzzzz..... for real.

This morning I met one of my most fave new friends, fearless and fiesty TV/blogger-mom friend Jill Cordes, with our four (collective) toddlers. We bounced around in a wild and colorful mad-house that only indoor play-places can offer (this one being particularly adorable and dare I say, FUN… despite my usual bleh-pathy for such places). We then […]

REVIEW & GIVEAWAY! Baby Orajel Naturals & $50 Target gift card.

One, two... spaces for you!

To think that I am TWO molars away from being DONE with teething is exciting. More exciting than the pre-baby me would’ve ever thought possible. TWO TEETH. (Can ya see which ones I’m waiting for? On the bottom.) And after these two chicklets come in: no more middle-of-the-night wake ups, no more cranky fits out […]