5 ideas for a fabulous wedding anniversary at home. With toddlers.


My five year wedding anniversary came and went. Huuuuuuhhhhhhh? I’m still confused about it. 5 years. 2 kids. No one was pregnant before we got married. ?!!? No wonder I’m exhausted. In an effort to make my husband’s daily homecoming from work a bit more, shall we say, ‘anniversary-ey’ on the exact date this year… […]

Back to Preschool: 5 reasons I’m bummed… and the thing that will make it better.


Yes, I’m a bit bummed about heading back to preschool soon. Sue me. Whaaaaat?!? I know… it’s not normal. Every mom in the universe and beyond will soon demand written proof of my sanity. “I can’t WAIT for school to start!” said one of my exasperated mom-friends when I saw her a few days ago. “I’m […]

FAIL: An honest toddler & inappropriate observations. In public.


Toddlers, opinions and observations… in public. Always fun. Eye-opening. Challenging. Sometimes embarrassing. That silly guy has earrings! Observed, shouted and pointed at with zero inhibition by my almost-4 year old, right in the middle of my most fave Nordstrom shoe department… just as the ‘guy with earrings’ (those big circle-things things that are implanted within the […]

FACETIME: How to get makeup on in the morning? LIKE THIS.


Having toddlers and actually getting your makeup on in the morning doesn’t have to be an oxymoron. (I mean, that is, IF you WANT to put makeup on in the morning in the first place. I won’t lie: There are days when I opt to look like royal junk just because…) BUT! If you need to look your […]

FACETIME: Summertime toddler bedtime routines! {VIDEO}


If your toddlers are like mine, they’re ESPECIALLY resistant to bedtime in the summer. I never thought I’d be cursing long days and warm weather, but here I am. GO TO BED! Toddler bedtime routines have always existed at our house (dinner, play, bath, fruit & books… and then BED)… until summer comes along and jacks […]

FUN! Our Perfect First Day of Summer.


It’s OFFICIAL folks. June 21 came and went… so yes, summer is HERE. My older toddler’s preschool is on break, my younger toddler’s eczema is flaring up, I’m wishing with all my might that a pool will magically appear in my backyard (not gonna happen… ha). We are IN it. Fabulous fun ahead! Friday night (June […]

DIY Baby Shower Gift Idea, $50 Target GIVEAWAY!


Tired of gifting the same baby registry items for your pregnant friends expecting buns in the oven? On the hunt for a fabulous and frugal DIY baby shower gift idea? Shake things up and whip up some cupcakes… using baby onesies. It’s a DIY baby shower gift that’s easy (no mess!), inexpensive and absolutely darling. You can credit […]

FUN! How to focus a flower girl.


Here comes the bride… Or, I should say: Here comes the wiggling and whiny flower girls who keep turning back look at their nervous mothers back there trying to be graceful but it looks like they’re going to lose it any second… Wedding Season. Or, Flowergirl Season. For us, it’s one down, one to go. A few […]

FACETIME. All dressed up, nowhere to go. {VIDEO}

Not the shoes I was supposed to be wearing.

Remember that time you plotted and planned and got all decked out to go somewhere fabulous (without kids)? Like, you woke up and showered and washed your hair before the toddlers sprung outta bed. Then smashed in doing your hair and makeup while your younger child was napping. Then threw on your dress and jewelry after […]

FAILS. What I really want this Mother’s Day.


Mother’s Day. I’ve worked it. I’ve reveled in it. I’ve faked it. I once read a fabulous piece by Girls Gone Child that spoke to me… that made me think Ahhhhh I’m not the only one. And here it is coming up again – Mother’s Day (insert threatening music here). Trust me: I’m a fan of anything […]

FIND! Mixed Up Clothing (for girls & boys)


Bold prints. Comfy design. Moderately priced. Fabulous message. Let me tell you: I love me some Target and Nordstrom (like you all who visit this site don’t already know that) but Mixed Up Clothing for girls and boys is what’s happening on so many new levels I barely even know where to start. So I’ll just […]