OMG. Am I pregnant again?!?


Every few months, I panic. There’s no logical reason for me to, but well, you know my history. I recently panicked thanks to my funny and famous friend (and fellow mommy maven) Kristin Cruz (the chick’s flippin’ hysterical and informative in the same breath… catch her new iHeartMoms podcast every Monday night if you can. […]

DIY Baby Shower Gift Idea, $50 Target GIVEAWAY!


Tired of gifting the same baby registry items for your pregnant friends expecting buns in the oven? On the hunt for a fabulous and frugal DIY baby shower gift idea? Shake things up and whip up some cupcakes… using baby onesies. It’s a DIY baby shower gift that’s easy (no mess!), inexpensive and absolutely darling. You can credit […]

FAMOUS! Mila Kunis & Pregnant Men.

Image courtesy & Getty Images.

Huh? Yes, you DID read this title right. Recently, Mila Kunis performed a fabulous and funny rant on Jimmy Kimmel Live about how she can’t stomach the thought of one more man saying “we’re pregnant.” Yes, men are saying that they’re pregnant too. Best part? I got to write about it for Through writing the piece, […]

FIND! Itzy Ritzy Breastfeeding Infinity Scarf {giveaway}


All of you who’ve known me and been reading here for a while know how I opted out of the thing that’s seemingly pushed on encouraged for all new mothers these days. (I stand by my choice and I’m not ashamed to say that I didn’t nurse my babies… if you want to, do. If you […]

FAMOUS! Bumped-up MOMents: Golden Globes 2014.

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Last year after the Golden Globes, I did a quickie-post highlighting my fave 2013 MOMents (you know, moments that involved mom-centric things). I liked it (the moments and my post)… so I’m doing it again. And I wouldn’t be myself if I didn’t showcase the fabulous expecting soon-to-be MOMs. As you know, I’m kind of obsessed […]

FIND! Giveaway: Aden+Anais swaddling blankets.

All mine. All Aden+Anais.

If you caught my recent segment on Hallmark Channel’s “Home & Family” show… you saw me upcycling some of my basic leftover baby products into things that I can actually use today. I will admit to even impressing my (non-DIY) self with succeeding at Baby Gizmo‘s brilliant idea for turning old baby bottles into no-spill […]

CONTEST! Win $500, $300, $150 in diapers. {Babycenter/Target}


Pregnancy. I seem to like it better on other people. The first time I was pregnant, I was in a state of lackluster shock that didn’t really turn to anticipation until the very end, where I made my hubby bust out his camera in our apartment during sunset because I realized I didn’t take any […]

FIND! weeSpring: Social shopping for new & expecting parents.


A real fab mom figures out what resource she wishes she had when she was pregnant, invents it, and then makes it available for up-and-coming new moms. I met one of these Real Fab Moms this week (thanks to the equally fabulous friends Sarah & Yvonne of MomsLA). Allyson Downey is a cool and charismatic East Coast […]

FAMOUS. What Kate Middleton is already doing right.

Image: New York Daily News / Oli Scarff / Getty Images

I knew I liked the Duchess of Cambridge (even though I was once forced to put her in a pregnancy-off on TV with Kim Kardashian). But based on the past 24 hours, this princess-to-be is proving to do things “The Fab Mom” way. If I wasn’t already a mom, she’d be included in the group […]

FINDS! Bounce back after-baby: Fabulous products for new moms.


As seen on TV, folks! Let’s just get this outta the way quick: I spent the day with THE LaToya Jackson on account of my responsibility to inform YOU about my most fave and fabulous products to help a new mom bounce back in mind, body and spirit after having a baby on Hallmark Channel’s “Home […]

FIND! BECO Baby Carrier: All-new Soleil. {video}

Hello BECO Soleil. The first try-on (with my 1-year old).

I’m won’t lie: I’ve never been a baby-wearing mama. Some might say I once had a vendetta against it (for no good reason, I just don’t like the idea of feeling pregnant all over again after the baby is out). I’ve gotten major smack from my baby-carrying friends. But let’s let bygones be bygones. Two […]