FIND! Itzy Ritzy Breastfeeding Infinity Scarf {giveaway}


All of you who’ve known me and been reading here for a while know how I opted out of the thing that’s seemingly pushed on encouraged for all new mothers these days. (I stand by my choice and I’m not ashamed to say that I didn’t nurse my babies… if you want to, do. If you […]

FAMOUS! Jenni Pulos, ‘Grin and Bear It’

Grin And Bear It

You all know how much I heart famous moms. Can’t help it. It’s my entertainment-journalist-meets-new-mom life. Showbiz is rough business and motherhood is a no-glam gig. As moms, we all get screamed at, cried at, whined at, yelled at in our home lives (I don’t want Cheerios even though I just asked for them!!!!). Our […]

FIND! Daddy Doin’ Work’s got a new book!

Image courtesy of DDW.

Well, actually the book Daddy Doin’ Work: Empowering Mothers to Evolve Fatherhood drops September 2nd, 2014 (wait, do books ‘drop?’ is it albums that drop? I think I’m flashing back to my entertainment reporting days… whoops)… regardless, we can all GET EXCITED because here’s the cover, folks. Dun, dun-dun-dun-dun-dun-DUUUUUUUUUHN (that’s a fanfare): As someone who Carson Daly […]

FEATURE: The (Fabulous) PICK Kids Movie Awards!


Oscars? Oh yeah, those are happening Sunday. (Don’t think I’m not planning my own mini-Oscar party with my girls… can’t wait for Idina Menzel to belt ‘Let It Go’ live. Dying.) But if you’re curious about what’s on the ‘kid’ side of what’s hot in flicks, take a peek at the PICK Kids Movie Awards! As the […]

Five ways to treat yourself this love week. {VIDEO}

Image courtesy of Tieks.

February is Love Month. Period. Last year I made the case for us moms to make an effort to love ourselves more. This year, thought I’d share five fabulous ideas for celebrating ourselves. This week, treat yourself to… NEW LINGERIE. After my big birthday bomb-out, I decided to get all flirty and fun and shake […]

FIND! Lakeshore Learning & tips to keep kids focused.


My kids aren’t in full-time school yet, but I’ve been warned about holiday break brain-drain… or, as real-fab-mom Cristina Ferrare put it on “Home & Family”: SPA BRAIN. (Doesn’t that sound much prettier? I think so.) If you saw my recent segment on “Home & Family,” you got to check out some of the freshest products that Lakeshore […]

FIND! Giveaway: Aden+Anais swaddling blankets.

All mine. All Aden+Anais.

If you caught my recent segment on Hallmark Channel’s “Home & Family” show… you saw me upcycling some of my basic leftover baby products into things that I can actually use today. I will admit to even impressing my (non-DIY) self with succeeding at Baby Gizmo‘s brilliant idea for turning old baby bottles into no-spill […]

FIND! 4moms Origami Mini!


It’s HERE. You might’ve recently spotted my new-real-mom workout on Hallmark Channel’s “Home & Family,” where I briefly showed off the original 4moms Origami self-folding stroller… this is the baby with the LCD screen that features the outdoor temperature-reader, odometer of how far you’ve walked, self-charging battery (as you push it) as well as cell […]

FIND! LuLu In LA LA Land. (middle readers)

Wolf with a young fan.

Confession: As a kid, I never really *loved* to read. (It pains me to admit it.) I always wanted to dance, sing, be in a play or do something else creative instead. (I do love to read now though… funny how we all grow up in different ways.) In school, reading was…. work. Reading was… […]

FIND! On My Way to Bed, by Sarah Maizes.


I was officially EXHAUSTED from my toddlers whining about not wanting to go to bed. I’d had it up to here. But now I just laugh at it… Why my sudden sense of humor? Because author (and friendly blogger/writer/humorist/woman-and-mom-of-3-extroirdinaire) Sarah Maizes has done it again. Her most recent children’s book, On My Way to Bed, is […]

FINDS! Apps to get parents organized. {Home & Family}


I may only have toddlers, but let me tell you: The schedules are getting crazy. (And to think, I really don’t believe in overbooking my kids for playdates and lessons they’re not ready for.) My oldest enjoys a weekly dance class… as well as two mornings a week at preschool. We have never-ending artwork (from […]

FIND! Tieks: Fab & sexy flats for fall.

Proof: They fold back up real nice folks.

Fall fashion, you are here! And I’m ready for new shoes. But I won’t sugar-coat it: I hate flats. HATE flats. So much that I’ve been known to wear high heels to toddlers’ birthday parties. (You think I’m kidding? I wish.) I am that idiot you see pushing a double-stroller in platforms. Can’t help it. I’m […]

REVIEW & GIVEAWAY! Baby Orajel Naturals & $50 Target gift card.

One, two... spaces for you!

To think that I am TWO molars away from being DONE with teething is exciting. More exciting than the pre-baby me would’ve ever thought possible. TWO TEETH. (Can ya see which ones I’m waiting for? On the bottom.) And after these two chicklets come in: no more middle-of-the-night wake ups, no more cranky fits out […]

FIND: “Cosie’s Closet” children’s book! (Published by a Bachelorette contestant? Yup.)


And here you thought ABC’s “The Bachelorette” was all finished for now… What does the show have to do with valuable life lessons and children’s stories, you ask? MORE THAN YOU’D THINK. Zack Kalter, the guy famous for winning the dodgeball date at Americana at Brand and rocking Chuck Taylors with his suit on this recent season […]

FIND! UBOOLY Smart Toy Test & Review.

Is this... real?

Who wants to keep their toddler occupied? Meet Ubooly. (Ooo-boo-lee.) ?!?!? I know. Funny name, but this little guy is a brand new educational toy that customizes to your child and talks to him/her. It’s an educational app (free!) powered by your smartphone that magically turns into an interactive friend when placed inside a cuddly stuffed-animal […]

FINDS! Bounce back after-baby: Fabulous products for new moms.


As seen on TV, folks! Let’s just get this outta the way quick: I spent the day with THE LaToya Jackson on account of my responsibility to inform YOU about my most fave and fabulous products to help a new mom bounce back in mind, body and spirit after having a baby on Hallmark Channel’s “Home […]

FIND! Box Play for Kids. We’re stuck on ‘em.


I forgot about the power of stickers… Until my 2.5 year old LadyP recently reintroduced them to me. If you happen to show up at my house unannounced these days, you will find stickers on my wall, stickers on my tables, stickers stickers stickers everywhere. Right now there’s a 3-inch little girl jumping rope stuck […]

FIND! BECO Baby Carrier: All-new Soleil. {video}

Hello BECO Soleil. The first try-on (with my 1-year old).

I’m won’t lie: I’ve never been a baby-wearing mama. Some might say I once had a vendetta against it (for no good reason, I just don’t like the idea of feeling pregnant all over again after the baby is out). I’ve gotten major smack from my baby-carrying friends. But let’s let bygones be bygones. Two […]