CBS Los Angeles: Tips for getting kids to sleep!

How to get kids to sleep better? Get your answers here. Ok fine… this post might be a bit of an oversell. But we can try, right?

Raise your hand if you have trouble getting young kids to sleep. (Hand raised.) Raise your hand if it’s driving you mad. (Hand raised.) Raise your hand if you’re considering handcuffing your youngest child to her bed so she can’t get up at night and interrupt your precious sleep that you viciously need to function during the day. (Ok that’s a bit drastic, but you sense my desperation here…)

Long story short: My oldest daughter (LadyP) is pretty much a perfect sleeper — always has been. (I like to say I trained her that way back when I was a first time mom with an only infant and no other distractions.) My younger daughter is a ‘needs a lot of work’ sleeper — always has been. (I like to say that’s just her, but truthfully, I slacked off about being as strict with her sleep habits as a second-time mom who had a toddler running around when she was a baby.)

Enter frequent conversations with my friend and Certified Sleep Expert JenniJune. She’s fabulous. I heart her so much — practical, no-nonsense and yet also very sensitive when it counts. (Connect with her if you need her…) In the meantime, I made sure she spilled all sorts of secrets for healthy child sleep habits on CBSLA — both on air and online. In the name of helping ME. In the name of helping YOU.

Watch and learn from both videos (on air and on Facebook) below! (BTW: the sound machine I use, that JenniJune recommends, is Marpac. Yes, it does HELP.)

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