CBS Los Angeles: Let’s stop doing everything for our kids.

How’s this for a parenting resolution: Let’s stop doing everything for our kids! Too harsh? I think not.My best TV mom friend Pat Harvey and I discuss three easy things we need to STOP doing for our kids now…on CBS Los Angeles‘ FAB Mom segment. You know, in the name of good parenting. (Don’t mind the shenanigans of weatherman/funnyman Garth Kemp… that was just for fun.)

Seriously though: There’s no reason us parents need walk around holding backpacks, dolls, toys and jackets like modern age sherpas while our kids walk fancy free and carefree. (And that’s just the tip of the iceberg… wait until you get to the part where I bring out author and business leader Simon Sinek and his now-famous viral interview about ‘the problem with millennials’ from Inside Quest.)

Are we too strict, totally delusional or just right? Enjoy:

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