CBS Los Angeles: Keep Crooks Away from our Kids.

Huh? Someone can ruin your child’s (nonexistent) credit file? We have to protect children from credit fraud? As though we don’t have enough to think about that can tempt our kids into trouble (social media, drinking and driving, somebody falling down on the playground and hitting their head)… now we have to worry about credit crooks getting a hold of our kids’ pristine records and screwing them all up for their future. Just because, you know, THE INTERNET.

Ugh. (It’s exhausting… this modern parenting thing.)

So, like everything that concerns me these days about parents, children and family lifestyle, I thought to chat about it on my CBS Los Angeles FAB Mom segment… thanks to some FABULOUS information I found from some most smart and savvy investigative research done by KPIX and CBS News Consumer Reporter Julie Watts (who also runs a most informative site called NewsMom — check it out. Like, NOW.)

Turns out, thanks to Julie’s explosive segments, parents in California now have the right (by law, as of January 1, 2017) to freeze our children’s credit until they turn 18 — for the sole purpose of protecting it. (That Julie’s a real ‘fab’ mom there…)

Watch the on-air chat below, but also check out some major tips and insight to further protect our kids’ credit records via the full web piece on CBSLA HERE. (Trust me, it’s worth the click-over… I’d add all the tips all here, but everything is already in a pretty package over on CBSLA!)

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