CBS Los Angeles: When family holiday traditions clash.

Six years. That’s how long it took me to get my darling husband to come with my daughters and I on our annual family holiday tradition — our Christmas tree hunt. I was raised a tree-snob and have been hell-bent on passing the tradition (that makes me feel closer to my own family and childhood every season) to my girls, with or without his presence. My husband was never interested in the haul and hassle of visiting the lot to pick out OUR tree, so he never came. “You go ahead,” he’d say. Okay. Fine. Will do.

I could’ve skipped my treasured tradition all these years (on account of how NOT easy it was to load up two toddlers and take them to go running wild in a tree lot my myself — let’s just say I almost lost a kid a few times) but I didn’t give up. I held on to my tradition, whether or not husband wanted to join, because it’s been important to me. I’d share my own childhood stories with my girls during our tree-hunts, and it’s become something the ladies of our house have enjoyed since they were babies.

Until my husband joined us this year. “Want to come with us?” I asked, as I do every year. I expected a ‘No you go ahead’ but instead, got a ‘Sure, I’ll come.’ After six years. This as a WIN, folks. Apparently, SEVEN is lucky.

My CBS Los Angeles ‘FAB Mom’ segment this week was all about clashing family traditions and how us moms can make ourselves happier and feel more connected to our own childhood traditions even if we don’t get to spend the holidays with our own side of the family. (When I posted whether other moms felt this same thing in a few Facebook groups I’m a part of, I got a barrage of commiserating laments and complaints… Who knew so many households struggled with trading and choosing family holiday traditions? Here I thought it was just me.)

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So, Pat Harvey and I talked about it on air (thanks to major insight from my friend Katie Hurley (LCSW), author of The Happy Kid Handbook). You can’t solve all of life’s dillemmas in a 3-minute television segment, but here’s hoping we were able to give a bit of support to anyone who might need it. Enjoy and cheers to a peaceful and fulfilled holiday season!

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