CBS Los Angeles: Don’t fret about this holiday stuff.

I hate Christmas? Nah. Not really. It’s just that I hate the ridiculous RUSH of the holidays. And for whatever reason, moms are pretty much the only ones who feel it (at least this is true in my world, with my circle of friends and family). The mom prepares the food, gifts, decorations and whatever else is required for family holiday celebrations. We’ve gotten out of control. We need holiday solutions.

You remember my segment last week about gift-worry and ungrateful kids?!?!

We need to not fret so much, my pretties.

I’m practical as it is (these kids don’t need much when it comes to gifts! please don’t spend that much money!) but all of us inevitably find ourselves annoyed or frustrated at various points throughout the holidays season. Until I saw the most perfect post on Scary Mommy titled “10 Things to Not Give a Crap About This Christmas.” Thank you. Finally. Reality. Sense. It inspired quite the chat with LA’s first-class woman of news anchor Pat Harvey on my regular CBSLA segment. Watch:

Now don’t we all feel better? I do. (I really do!) Go forth without frustration or fear… and ENJOY.

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