CBS Los Angeles: Put your infant to work?

My latest ‘FAB Mom on 2’ segment on CBS Los Angeles gave us all permission to put our infants to work around the house. That’s right parents, assign those babies some chores and let them earn their keep. *just kidding* (sort of)

Did you know that, based on a recent study, only one quarter of parents admit to requiring their kids to do chores? Ridiculous! (Says the women obsessed with making her preschool daughters take their plates to the sink…) Take a peeksie at some tips we discussed on air for getting kids to do chores in the name of teaching life skills like responsibility, empathy, the ability to finish a job as part of a team.

And what about those teenagers who simply refuse? Well, we have MORE tips for how to handle that over on CBSLA. Check ’em out.

How do you get your kiddos to do chores? Do spill….

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  1. […] Give kids chores. Easier said than done but worth it! Taking dishes to sink and picking up shoes add up to time-saving for you if you enlist your kids to take care of these things. If you take care of the small stuff, it can’t pile up and get big. You get me? I started training my girls to take their dishes to the sink after every meal at the age of three (yes, THREE!) — which, I find, is the perfect age to do it because, at three, kids tend to be more enthusiastic about being ‘helpers.’ Aha! Brainwashed before they’re old enough to figure it out!  […]