FOCUSED: Enjoy the MOMents.

It’s Thankful week… Recently I made an on-air declaration (on Home & Family) about how I’ve been making an extra effort this past year to be thankful and enjoy the smaller moments that pop up in life. The little things. As in, the ‘Mom Moments’ (MOMents) of still being woken up in the middle of the night, getting screamed at for not getting a graham cracker out of the box fast enough and serving as a private-service maid for food that’s been thrown on the floor. Really, I’m thankful.

BUT I AM THANKFUL. Truly. Because I know that these days will pass as quickly as the past three years already have. They might even pass quicker. And one day, as all parents before me have warned, I will look back and 1) wonder how time flew, 2) wonder if I actually look older and 3) remember how these days were so precious and sweet and absolutely wonderful. Food on the floor and all. I’m not saying I don’t get annoyed or start cursing under my breath or refuse to get impatient sometimes… I’m just trying to form a habit of reminding myself that these things are blessings in the big picture right after I let myself feel those negative feelings.

It hit me this past weekend when we went shopping for a big-girl bed for LadyP. Already?!? Where’s that baby I once had? I guess three years have gone. Smack! Right upside my head.

No more baby.

No more baby.

As much as I resisted it (and as long as I put this whole bed-thing off) I will officially miss the scene of two-cribs-in-one-room. Did I love it while it lasted? I think so…

Angry. And bored.

Angry. And bored.

Now, instead of LadyP instigating that the two of them face each other to giggle and screech wildly as they jump up and down against their own crib rails, LadyP now has the freedom to get in and out of her big-girl bed so that she may fill her sister’s crib to the top with stuffed animals and then climb inside to have a slumber party of sorts. (A whole safety issue that freaks me out… trust me, we’re working on it.)

I seriously walked into this.

I seriously walked into this.

But this MOMent, too, will soon be gone. (Sigh. Look at me, sounding like such a mother.) So I am THANKFUL. Officially. For the messes, the mighty tantrums about crackers and all the MOMents in between. Life is short and moves very fast. Love and be thankful for whatever fabulous MOMent you’re in.



  1. Your girls are so sweet…. Happy Thankful week! And yea, do post if you bought something on Black Friday… ;)


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