FUN. My new Halloween rules.

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Bzzzzz. Trick or treat. Or I'll sting you.

Bzzzzz. Trick or treat. Or I’ll sting you.

Warning: This post might spook you. I’ve never been one to go crazy for Halloween, but as my girls get older and more into the costumes (and candy), I’m learning how to say “Boo!” a whole lot better than I used to. Before babies, I really didn’t care for Halloween. Figuring out a costume was pressure I wasn’t interested in. Even just last year, I remember writing about how ‘over it’ I was before it even came. But now… I’m starting to see the light… or… darkness, I guess. Funny how wild toddlers can change your mind about so many things.

Some of my newly-minted, fabulous house rules come Halloween time? Be scared… READ THE REST by clicking here…