FIT! Suck in your belly. Right now.

Remember when your mom nagged told you to stand up straight? I do. Like it was yesterday. I realize there was a good reason for it that I can now understand and appreciate (as a mom). The past few weeks I’ve felt gross. Tired. Dumpy. Achy. Not getting to the gym has probably not helped. Only after catching my reflection shopping in a storefront window (while pushing my girls in their mondo-stroller), I noticed: I LOOK like I felt. Tired. Dumpy. Achy. I WAS FULL-ON HUNCHED OVER. Not cute, but also not healthy. You feel how you look, you look how you feel… whether we like it or not.

So right then and there I sucked in my stomach, stuck out my bust line and stood up straight.


WOW. I could actually BREATHE. And I suddenly felt better.  (Not only did my boobs look bigger, but I actually felt like my insides could function better after not being all crunched up. There’s got to be a medical perk to this, I swear.)

So suck in your belly, right now — shopping, at home, loading your dishwasher. It feels fabulous, and your organs (and better attitude) will thank you. Promise.


  1. You have a great blog going on here! I showed my friend and it has helped her a lot. Keep doing great!

  2. Haha! Love it! Great post, lady! And quite true =)


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