FIND! BECO Baby Carrier: All-new Soleil. {video}

I’m won’t lie: I’ve never been a baby-wearing mama. Some might say I once had a vendetta against it (for no good reason, I just don’t like the idea of feeling pregnant all over again after the baby is out). I’ve gotten major smack from my baby-carrying friends. But let’s let bygones be bygones. Two babies later, I’ve turned softer (despite that I still didn’t use a baby carrier with either of my babes). I’m more open to new experiences, shall we say.

Hello BECO Soleil. The first try-on (with my 1-year old).

Hello BECO Soleil. The first try-on (with my 1-year old).

So when the nice people at BECO BABY CARRIER offered their all-new Soleil for me to test and report… I really hesitated. Really. I’ve been known to be too honest on this blog (to my own detriment) and I certainly wasn’t going to start lying now just to say how fabulous a certain new baby carrier is if I really thought otherwise. But I decided to let my new, open self try this baby-wearing thing that so many are obsessed with… using my 1-year old LilMiss. (Hey, I know we’re past the typical baby-wearing age/phase, but she still fits… the Soleil boasts to handle kiddos up to 45-lbs  and that’s like, more than what my 2.5 year old LadyP weighs now!)

So I tried it. And I’m glad I tried it. Really.

Even though I was confused about how the heck to strap the thing on in the first place, I was actually comfortable once I was all locked in. I felt secure. Cozy. The padded straps were really nice and thick, yet I also didn’t feel like I was trapped (which I’ve definitely felt like with another carrier brand I tried on for a second when LilMiss was first born… I ended up taking that one back because it felt so cumbersome to me and reinforced my notion about not liking baby carriers). But the Soleil felt light (aha! maybe that’s why they named it “Soleil”?!!?!). LilMiss seemed to like it too (I know she really liked it because she kept trying to eat it… see picture). The only little thing I didn’t care for was the back click-fastener that goes around your hips: I couldn’t un-click the thing for the life of me! (There’s a special center button that I didn’t realize was there, which made it a bit difficult for me to open and close, but I guess that’s a good thing considering that it holds the main strap around you so your baby isn’t in danger of falling should the clicker undo easily.) I even tried doing a cartwheel with it on… WATCH:

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But seriously, when I compare the Soleil to other brands I’m aware of (again, one of which I tried and did not like in a fleeting moment), it seems to outshine the others in the customization department: BECO offers a fab accessories pack with super-absorbant drooling pads (for teethers) that attach to the straps, a detachable hood that protects from sun/wind and also serves as a calming environment for napping, built-in-pocket (for keys, phone, etc) and carry-all bag for bigger necessities (diapers, wipes, etc). Versatility is also at the center of the design: Soleil offers 3 carry positions (front, back and hip carry) and was designed based on feedback from real parents about what they really wanted in a baby-carrier. (Not to mention, the colors/designs are really cute.)

Accessories! Button-on teething straps & protective hood.

Accessories! Button-on teething straps & protective hood.

BECO (founded by mom Gabby Caperon in 2005) is the brand behind the award-winning Gemini carrier, heralded by parents everywhere as the ultimate 4-in-1 baby carrier. BECO products boast proper ergonomics, convertible and adjustable features, quality materials and fresh patterns. BECO products are made with 100% cotton; contain no lead, toxic dyes, phthalates, flame retardents and are CPSIA compliant and ASTM safety certified. The Soliel retails for $130 and is available for purchase now (online and at fine baby stores).


DISCLOSURE: TheFabMom was compensated and provided one BECO Soleil baby carrier for purposes of review on this blog. Any and all statements and experiences shared are opinions of TheFabMom.


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