Fabulous birthday party ideas for girls!

I'm gonna be ONE!

I’m gonna be ONE!

How am I already planning a first birthday party AGAIN? I do have fun, but didn’t I JUST give a 1st birthday party?!? Yes. But here it is again, in just a few weeks. Way to sneak up on me, LilMiss.

So in the spirit of coming up with fab birthday themes for soon-to-be-one-year-olds, here’s a list of themes to spice up your otherwise typical “It’s a 1st Birthday Party!” invitation… Again, these are for baby and/or toddler GIRLS (only because that’s where my head is!)

As you will see below, I’m a big believer in picking an animal/character/object (that suits your babe’s personality) and pairing it with a seasonally-appropriate fete name. Call me crazy, but opening an invitation with stuff like this printed on it gets me all revved up and ready to smash some cake. Be sure to let your mind run wild and add your own flavor:

Invitations by Lil Duck Duck Designs (online).

Invitations by Lil Duck Duck Designs (online).

Lucky Duck Luau (this belongs to LilMiss… stay tuned for the final result in a few weeks): I’m thinking this popped into my head because I seriously want to go to Hawaii? Whatever the reason… we’re gonna have Hawaiian food, lots of pineapples, hula hoops, tiki torches and rubber duckies floating in fishbowls… with leis. And thanks to Lil Duck Duck Designs, I found the perfect invitations.

Ladybug Picnic (this was LadyP’s): BBQ and blankets on the grass (easy seating). (We also had a smiling ladybug pinata too… nothing like kids swatting a giant bug in your backyard.)

Pink Pumpkin Palooza (for a baby girl whose birthday falls around Halloween): Honestly, this one’s just an excuse to get lots of these when the season rolls ’round again… and you can have the older kiddos decorate pumpkins like one of my friends did. Way cute.

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Messy Monkey Mashup: Give all the babies their own bananas and let them go to town while you enjoy your cake.

Fiesty Flower Fairy Fiesta: Mexican food, fairy wings on the gal-of-honor and flowers from your own garden.

Snow Angel Soiree (for a Christmas baby): White & fluffy dress. White & fluffy decorations. White & fluffy cake. All the better to get dirty with.

Busy Little Bee Bash: You won’t even have to decide on what colors to use. And if your little one just started walking and is all over the place – buzzing around – well, even better.

Tiny Mouse Tutu Tea: Print “Wear your best tutu” on the invitation (of course, your birthday girl had better have the biggest one…) and set up a mini-tea party for any pint-sized guests.

Just because you’re only turning one doesn’t mean you can’t shake the fab-factor up a bit, right?

(And if you’re one of my friends who’s reading this and wondering why the eff you didn’t get an invitation to LilMiss’ upcoming gathering… well kids… we’re keeping it to close family this time around. But yes, we still love you.)



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