How to feed a picky baby. {VIDEO}

How to feed a picky baby? It’s been a long few weeks folks. My baby hates babyfood. Or, I should say, hates ANYTHING pureed, smooth or mushy. I’ve been swatted at, screamed at, flustered and confused by my 10-month old LilMiss who seems to think she’s got enough power in those two bottom teeth of hers to chew pizza, Korean short ribs and everything else that the rest of us can eat.
Thankfully, my internal mission to stay fab (i.e.: SANE) at my house of wild animals took over my instincts and motivated me to figure out several options for HOW to feed my adorable little monster who hates anything that comes at her in a spoon.
Forget about scooping up applesauce. She’d rather pick things up with her teeny tiny fingers. And she doesn’t want to pick up a spoon.
So that’s what I’m letting her do: Pick things up, baby food included. Except I’ve whipped up this genius little plot so she gets her fruits and veggies and doesn’t even know it.
May I present:
This Is How I Feed My Picky Baby. WATCH:





  1. Denyse Rabbat says:

    Great idea, Fab Mom! I tried this last night with my 15 month old (who also refuses to allow me to feed her anything and isn’t interested in eating protein/meats) and she loved it!


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