Damn it Kourtney. You made me remember.

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6 months ago? More like an eternity.

So I literally just finished watching the season finale of Keeping Up with the Kardashians and am wiping away the tears as I write this. Damn it Kourtney. Yeah, I know your sweet little girl is a few months old now and the events in this latest episode are old news (you giving birth to your second baby)… but nevertheless… Damn.

I curse with the most affection, New-Mom-of-2 to New-Mom-of-2 (our kids are about the same ages). You see, we welcomed our Baby #2 about six months ago and last night’s KUWTK episode awakened all those wonderfully-conflicting pregnancy/new-mom feelings I don’t think I ever wrote about here before: The bittersweet bite of fear that you didn’t have enough time alone with your first-born was all too familiar… The unshakable realization that your older child is no longer a ‘baby’ when they walk into that hospital room to meet their new sibling for the first time was a jolt I’ll never forget (I swear LadyP looked like she was FIVE instead of 17 months)… The hope and worry from deep down inside that your first baby will still feel the same amount of love (even though someone new just arrived on the scene). And then – poof! – all that drama disappears the moment your first-born tenderly calls the second-born “sister/sissy/baby” and smiles (Mason brought that one back for me).

Watching this episode six months after I lived it, my tears still come. But in a good way. A FABULOUS way. A way that must seem ridiculous to anyone who hasn’t experienced becoming a mother yet, but is fundamentally-logical to anyone that has. I now cry when I see babies born on TV. Any baby. Doesn’t matter what show, who the parents are, nothin.’ I CRY. And I remember. I hope these feelings continue to resurface throughout my life with every new baby that I happen to watch being born on TV… they keep me grateful, happy and connected to my own life’s memories (although, Kourtney, I could’ve done without actually seeing the baby being pulled out of your you-know, but I get it… that’s good TV).  😉

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I’ve come to realize: One baby reprograms your life…. two babies reprogram your SOUL. This I know, this I remember, this I live, this I will treasure. True? True. Fabulous? Fabulous.

So damn you, Kourtney, damn you… But thank you forever for the wonderful reminder.



  1. I love that! 2 babies change your soul! I will certainly find out in about a year! Can’t wait. I love being a mom and still being fabulous too!

  2. YES! I cry almost every time I see a baby born. Even the episode of KUWTK when Kourtney witness the water birth. As awkward as that whole scene was..just hearing the baby cry. It’s a moment I can relate to …that relief it hearing your baby’s cry and knowing that they made it through that long journey. Good post. I have 2 episodes left to watch. I’m looking forward to seeing it now.