3 *musts* for new moms the first 3 weeks (hint: open your underwear drawer).

It’s been 3 weeks since LilMiss was born. With the exception of the numb & uncomfy scar that’s healing right above my hoo-ha, I can legitimately say that I’m now back to ‘me.’ (Ok, I’m about 80% back to me… sleep deprived with a few extra pounds that I need to get rid of in the next month.)

But for your enjoyment, here’s a sample of 3 ridiculously-trivial things that have bounced me back. Feel free to try as you wish:

Image courtesy of VictoriasSecret.com

RESURRECT YOUR SEXY UNDERWEAR. (Yes, I’m rocking some now. Pink, if you must know.) I don’t care if you slip on a pair of lacy panties for 5 minutes only to swiftly change back into your high-waisted, post-delivery, cotton granny-underwear (which I just might do after writing this). You may be surprised how effective this silly practice is to give you giggle and boost your spirit (if only for 5 minutes at a time)… READ MY PROOF HERE.

SHAVE YOUR LEGS. Even if it’s just from the knee down. (Yes, I did.)

Can you spot me in the front row?


MAKE PLANS. Make an appointment and/or set a date to be somewhere that requires you to shower, brush your teeth, get dressed, put on makeup and have your brain in somewhat working order WITHIN 3 weeks of delivery. (Given that you have a family member to watch your new little one for a few hours.) OK, I might be a little over-zealous (some may say insane) about this one. But this is the only way I know how to bounce back. For me, this meant speaking to about 75 high school seniors at a local high school about leadership and goal-setting. Did my presentation make any sense? For the most part (I think… I hope). I know I had some hazy moments, but hey… I just had a baby remember?

Catapulting myself into doing things that I may or may not be ‘ready’ for is my special little trick for getting back to ‘me.’ In other words, I force myself to do these things as a way to bungee into returning to normalcy (given that my babies are ok FIRST and FOREMOST).

And then of course there’s that thing that I’m *still* hiding under my shirt 24/7.


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