If the Irish only knew what I did with cabbage this weekend…

This St. Patty’s day, I let a couple o’ lucky cabbages get to second base… It was the most action anybody’s gotten at my house in a while. Did you know that cupping cabbage leaves on the inside of your bra soothes engorged breasts and slows milk production for new moms? Now ya do.

That’s right, I shut down my little new-mom milk factory. After exactly 9 days of painful boobies (that felt like knives stabbing into my chest round-the-clock), milk-stained sports bras, a cranky mood from constantly having to hook myself up to a yellow pumping machine morning noon and night and the inability to lift my own arms above my shoulders… I gave up. And I really don’t care whether or not it’s the ‘right thing’ to do. I did this before, and now I’ve done it again without regrets. LilMiss is a bottle-fed baby… from the beginning (I pumped, never breastfed… did this with her older sister too).

I was never interested in breast feeding. I wasn’t breastfed, and I’m pretty much perfect (kidding… sort of).  LadyP wasn’t breastfed and she’s pretty much perfect too (hey, I never promise to be objective here). It’s OK for new moms to NOT breast feed their babies. (And it’s also OK for them to breast feed too!) My point? Make no apologies for your choices regarding your life with your baby. Do – or don’t do – whatever it is you need to be physically comfortable and mentally-together so that you can be the best version of yourself (as a new mom) for your new bundle. Balance your well-being with your baby’s well being. If breast feeding works for you, is easy and you enjoy it… then do it. (I honestly think you are a rockstar if so.) If it’s not… then DON’T. For me, claiming my body back also bounces me back QUICKLY (physically and mentally) after having a baby. Otherwise, I could’ve gone weeks and months before feeling like myself again. And that’s just not good for anybody. To hell with anybody who looks at you cross-eyed and interrogates “You’re not breast feeding?” It’s your body. It’s your baby. It’s your choice. If they push you, suggest that they come over in the middle of night and pump your breasts while you sleep.

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I will honestly tell you that now I feel good. I have energy (enhanced by coffee, of course)… things are civilized, in-control and fun over here at my house. The most important part? Baby is doing great too… now that I have strength without pain to give her the care and attention she needs. The first time around, people asked me how I bounced back after having a baby…. THIS is how. I provided the ‘first milk’ from me, then shut off the milk-factory and turned to today’s finely-engineered formula solutions.

So I send a big fat kiss to the 3 heads of cabbage I had a tryst with… Was it good for you too?


Disclaimer: Always consult a doctor or lactation specialist regarding breastfeeding and/or weaning. Point of view on TheFabMom is not meant to offer medical advice, but rather to serve as entertainment and/or general information.


  1. I wish I read this post a few weeks back. I soooo struggled with breastfeeding and dealt with all sorts of issues. Any complication that can come about from breastfeeding, I had. And I was miserable… 9 weeks in, I gave up with feelings of both relief and guilt. But you’re absolutely RIGHT. It wasn’t until I stopped that I felt normal and HAPPY again! I wanted my body and my sanity back. And now, I feel that I am a better mom to my little girl because I am in a good place. I can focus on having fun with her and taking care of her, instead of taking up precious time hooked up to that horrible Medela pump. I cringe at the thought!

    I had a great lactation consultant that taught me how to wean off and the cabbage trick is one of the best methods. For all other moms dealing with this issue, check out her website, where she details how to shut down the milk factory successfully: http://www.mynursingcoach.com/cabbageleaftherapy.htm