FACETIME. I’ll show you mine…

Aw hell…. I’ll show you mine regardless. My bump… and my diaper – (OOPS! I keep getting ahead of myself!) – I mean, HOSPITAL bag. I’ve got the usuals, but since I’ve done this before I’ve added a heavily-overlooked go-to lifesaver to my having-a-baby supplies. WATCH:

THE REST OF MY LIST? Toothbrush/toiletries… A fluffy pillow… Slippers… Socks… A chic little pink robe… A sports bra to support the ‘girls’ when they start hurting (because they will)… A nail file and tweezers… Bobbypins (to keep my hair outta my eyes)… My computer… Yummy-smelling lotion… Snacks…

And since I’ll be there for a few days (thanks to my repeat C-section), I’m also tossing in Brooke Burke’s The Naked Mom (loved reading this…. 1 more chapter to finish!). I’m delusional enough to think that this little hospital stay of mine is going to be similar to a spa weekend.

Am I forgetting anything else? What unconventional tool or item did you throw in your bag the second or third time around?

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