Essentials for award shows, Vegas & other things inappropriate for pregnancy.

This week’s got me workin’ the Bump (I capitalize it now since it seems soooo big to me all of a sudden… it wasn’t like this the first time around!). The Critics’ Choice Movie Awards (on VH1 – TONIGHT!) and a trip to Vegas are just a few of the shenanigans I’ve got going on this week at exactly 8 months preggo. Wildly inappropriate to some, but essential for survival and peace of mind for me.

Here’s what boosts my spirit, gets my Bump glammed up and gets me feeling a little more like a normal person again:

Image: Sephora

SEVIN NYNE Tanning Mist & Self-Tanning Lotion. Bronzed skin instantly takes 10lbs off your arms and legs (maybe even 15lbs, depending on how much you smear on) and this stuff is as natural/organic as you’re going to get for a sunless tanner. And the smell? Absolutely delectable. Available at Sephora.


Images: The Gloss / Forever 21

BIG jewelry. Any kind at all…. expensive, cheap, your grandma’s hand-me-downs…. mix up silver, gold, colors (whatever you want) to cause the biggest distraction. Makes the belly seem smaller by comparison. The more you pile on, the smaller your waistline gets. It’s true.

And now, my favorite:


Image: Nordstrom

These little hoofers by Vince Camuto. Indisputably sparkly, remarkably comfy and absolutely necessary. And the fact that they are a nude color makes your leg look longer. Even though I can’t see them myself when I look down, others can. I got mine at Nordstrom.

So now you know what my mind is one today and this weekend.

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Catch the Critics Choice Movie Awards tonight on VH1 (look for me sitting the audience NOT drinking wine!) and check out BlogHer’s Entertainment section tomorrow to get my full report about being a preggo at one of the season’s biggest award shows…. maybe I’ll ‘bump’ into George Clooney or something.

As for my Vegas trip? Check back for that pending disaster next week…