3 fab reasons to carry a giant red bug around with you all day.

So I’ve never really been a big Halloween person (except for the free candy part of the whole thing). But this year was… fabulous. Who knew that life could be so much fun alongside an oversized bug all day?

For instance…

It makes for interesting looks, laughs and conversations at the market… allowing you to get to know your neighbors a bit more.

It pretty much guarantees you nabbing a good seat in a crowded restaurant for lunchtime… perhaps because others are too busy staring at you and your bug to grab that empty table quick enough.

It allows you to wear a pair of antenna and shamelessly beg your neighbors for free candy as a thirty-something woman… as you try to use the excuse that you’re “trick or treat training” a one year old for educational purposes.

(How many times can you get away with that one?)

Hope you made some fabulous Halloween memories!

(I’m learning that that’s what it’s all about…)




  1. […] PARADE AROUND IN YOUR COSTUME ALL DAY. (This concept discovered in 2011. I think it makes the hours pass quicker?) I’ve taken ladybugs to the grocery store, Minnie […]

  2. [...] But I swear I’m coming from a good place: Last year, we were a ladybug (by ‘we,’ I mean my just-turned-2-year-old… back then she had just turned 1 and my pregnant belly with #2 was just starting to show). Her costume was red, black and totally big on her, but it was sooooo flippin’ cute. The bubble ‘bug’ part of the ensemble was supposed to stop at her knees, but instead practically went all the way to the ground because she was so little. Our neighbors literally started laughing when they opened their doors to a tiny spotted bug blankly standing on their stoop and grasping a mini-pumpkin basket in front of her (yeah, I ate the candy… don’t judge… we only went to 3 houses). I actually started to appreciate the whole costume requirement that very night and got INTO Halloween for the first time in a long time. [...]

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