FAIL: An honest toddler & inappropriate observations. In public.

Toddlers, opinions and observations... in public. Always fun. Eye-opening. Challenging. … [Read More...]


FACETIME: How to get makeup on in the morning? LIKE THIS.

Having toddlers and actually getting your makeup on in the morning doesn't have to be an … [Read More...]


FAMOUS FOOD! Mom-to-be Debbie Matenopoulos cooks it up.

You know her wild and fun TV host on "The View," E!, TV Guide Channel and more... I know … [Read More...]


FOCUSED: The Ongoing Firework Project.

I'm obsessed with fireworks. Don't ask. As a little girl I remember them being the most … [Read More...]


FOOD! Fast Grilled Salmon Sandwich.

Need some fast new ideas for family food? I've got your next dinner right here. You know me, folks... I feel like I'm always stuck in a rut. Thanks to the days of summer, Hubby has now been requesting … [Read More...]


FACETIME: Summertime toddler bedtime routines! {VIDEO}

If your toddlers are like mine, they're ESPECIALLY resistant to bedtime in the summer. I never thought I'd be cursing long days and warm weather, but here I am. GO TO BED! Toddler bedtime routines … [Read More...]


FUN! Our Perfect First Day of Summer.

It's OFFICIAL folks. June 21 came and went... so yes, summer is HERE. My older toddler's preschool is on break, my younger toddler's eczema is flaring up, I'm wishing with all my might that a pool … [Read More...]


DIY Baby Shower Gift Idea, $50 Target GIVEAWAY!

Tired of gifting the same baby registry items for your pregnant friends expecting buns in the oven? On the hunt for a fabulous and frugal DIY baby shower gift idea? Shake things up and whip up … [Read More...]

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FAMOUS! Mila Kunis & Pregnant Men.

Huh? Yes, you DID read this title right. Recently, Mila Kunis performed a fabulous and funny rant on Jimmy Kimmel Live about how she can't stomach the thought of one more man saying "we're pregnant." … [Read More...]


Father’s Day: A parenting lesson from my husband.

This is just a hobby, right? Every time I performed onstage as a child/teenager/young adult, I knew I'd hear that question from either my parents or grandparents. It wasn't a bad thing. I genuinely … [Read More...]


FAMOUS! Parenting advice from celebrity moms.

Celebrity moms... they're just like us. Yes, they are. They might be gorgeous and leggy and charismatic (with killer sunglasses), but they're still mothers... with problems, questions, dilemmas... and … [Read More...]