Why I wanted my Mommy.

Yesterday was a good day. A fun day. A learning day. A goal-accomplishing day. And yes, I wanted my mommy.

On set with Sean Kanan (from The Young and the Restless, the soap I was raised on!) and host AJ Hammer. Good lookin’ guys, huh?

Not because I was scared, intimidated or uncertain. Quite the opposite. I was H-A-P-P-Y. Yippeeee!!! I was lucky enough to guest co-host for HLN’s Showbiz Tonight (as you may have seen) and I almost couldn’t believe it actually happened. By no means am I claiming to be Nancy O’Dell (love her!), but I did feel relatively good about myself… for accomplishing a goal that I’ve worked to get close to the past few years. We’ve all had our moments like this in our work or personal life… doesn’t it feel fabulous when it happens? Truth is, I know in my heart that I wouldn’t have gotten here if I didn’t become a Mommy.

As a new mom this past year, I’ve felt more grownup than ever… and I wanted to tell my own mommy about it. Afterall, this is a woman who comforted my heartbreak when I didn’t make the 5th grade talent show, who told me to suck it up when I complained about a lackluster performance of some kind in my 20s (telling me that if I couldn’t handle pressure, then I’d better stop pursuing showbusiness) and who told me have zero regrets no matter what happened during my short guest co-hosting stint here in NYC. She understands this little career journey of mine more than my Hubby, more than my friends and more than my fellow colleagues who are pursuing the same things I am. She’s been through it with me since I was a little girl. And she’s also saving my a$$ by taking care of LadyP at my house while I’m gone (and while Hubby is also out of town for an Operation Smile mission… but that’s another story).

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So back to my mommy: THANK YOU for getting me. For the phone calls, the pep talks and the giggles in between. For everything. Always.



  1. I’m not ashamed that on more than one occasion since becoming a mom myself I found myself wishing for my own other to rescue me! You are not alone!!


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