FAB TIP! Trunks for toys.

Guess what’s in here:


And here:


Wrong. I give you credit for effort.

Talk about a Fab-Find. What’s inside of these mini-trunks are the antithesis of fabulous home decor. That’s right, I’m not ashamed to hide my little LadyP’s sparkly noisemakers, stacking blocks, pink singing laptops and puppies-in-purses inside these chic little pieces. These trunks keep up appearances in common areas – matching alongside the rest of our furniture – while housing LadyP’s property.


Baby toys strewn about – or even visible – in common areas are one of my biggest pet peeves (when they’re not being played with, that is). I hate walking into a home and seeing toys overtake normal furniture (granted, there ARE times when my own home looks like a toystore gone rogue, but I keep fighting the good fight). Just because you really do have toys taking over your home everywhere doesn’t mean your living room has to know about it. I got my mini-storage trunks at my local Home Goods for about $20 each, but check out your own fave spot near you (Target’s probably got ‘em too). There IS another option besides getting those wildly-colorful toy bins. I know I’m not the first person who thought of this, but consider this post a friendly fabulous reminder.



  1. April Newton says:

    Hello Jill! Just had to say I am with you on this one! My living room is just that – MINE! My kids have their own rooms and a place for all their toys. If we find that the toys have outgrown the available storage places then we do a simple purge and donate what we don’t play with anymore. It keeps me sane, teaches my kids to take care of their things and helps me be a fab mom! =)


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