Why I was scared to be alone with Hubby, and why I now question if I have a soul.

Toronto: It was our first trip together sans baby. I was totally excited and totally weirded out. What the HELL were Hubby and I going to talk about for 4 days all by our lonesome on our happy-anniversary-to-us trip? I packed flirty dresses, high heels, lingerie… but would I know what to do with them? Although I was giddy and giggling to get on that plane, I was nervous that I’d return as an irreversible, bonafide boring mom instead of a hot, fun wife.

So here’s the most shocking thing: We had SO. MUCH. FUN. (Whew, dodged that one.) And, we didn’t really talk about LadyP that much… seriously. What was wrong with us? Those feelings of remorse when leaving your little one? Zilch. Didn’t get ‘em. There were even times during the trip when I forgot I had a baby (ok, for about 0.5 seconds, but then I remembered). Where was my soul? Wasn’t I supposed to be calling every 4 hours wondering how the baby was doing? (I think I called twice.) I can’t speak for Hubby, but I was totally fine leaving LadyP with Grandma for 4 days. Why didn’t we take 5 days? Yes, I missed her mischievous look through the slats of her crib in the mornings and her wild ever-growing waves of curls and 4 (now almost 5!) little stubs of teeth when she laughed, but damn it was nice not to change a single diaper! Most moms I know talk about the first time they leave their babies on a trip, saying how it was so hard, how they felt guilty, etc… nope. Apparently I’m missing that gene… and, unless he’s a better liar than I thought, Hubby is too. Neither of us seemingly feel guilty about it. (Although it was sooooooo fun to see her bounce with delight when we got back!)

Just think, if we’d been preoccupied about leaving LadyP, we might have missed the more awesome than awesome TV INSIDE our hotel’s bathroom mirror!

Or, the wild and wacky makeshift planter in the broken-down hippie mobile!

And, we definitely wouldn’t have been able to trek down the rocky, bug-infested beach of Lake Ontario to prance around like carefree idiots…


Here’s to vacations without babies… and zero guilt.



  1. Renee Nuthall says:

    Richard and I left B at 4 months with grandparents in New Zealand and went to Sydney, Australia for a long weekend. I think we forgot to call one day after getting drunk at Darling Harbor. You need to leave those little buggers and be a married couple!!!

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