Why you should spend all day in your underwear.

Obviously this is me. Ha. Not really. Image compliments of Kaboodle.com

It’s about 9pm and I am officially ready to start my day. Too bad it’s almost over… I just showered and got dressed. If babies can spend entire days in onesies, then so can I. Yup, I spent all day in my underwear and it was fabulous. (Notice I said underwear… not lingerie… don’t get any kinky ideas.)

The past 3 days proved to be a clusterpile of blissful, productive work-and-play chaos that prompted my panty & tank top wardrobe choice for the day. If you ever find yourself dressing up Mommypants in a backwards top at Savvy Sassy Moms’ Secret Style Suite, interviewing the cast of Glee: The 3D Concert Movie, emceeing a fundraiser for the Real Medicine Foundation, shooting a few segments for Her Say then doing a midnight live shot for the morning news show Lorraine (that airs in the UK!) — all within 72 hours — I advise to go for an underwear-day as a necessary means of recovery (assuming you will be at home all day). Hell, I advise to go for an underwear-day even if you are just too lazy and feel like giving it a shot.

I can’t speak for you, but here’s how it makes me feel:

Free. Comfortable. Oddly-inspired. It affords me the ability to climb under my covers and nap on a whim. It puts LadyP and me on equal footing (clothing-wise). It’s an exercise in seeing myself in underwear and not passing judgement on my body every time I pass a mirror. It helps me emotionally recover from the previous days’ chaos. And, I’m convinced Hubby thinks it’s kinda cute (despite his sideways look and raised eyebrows questioning “You spent all day in your underwear?”). I’m officially now back to ‘normal’ (I use that term loosely) and reset for the rest of my week. And I will be doing it again when warranted. Just don’t come knockin’ on my door expecting to see a show…

Now you try…. and tell me how it goes.


  1. I ADORE YOU!!

    Also, I’m wearing my new pink bra today. And it FITS!!


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