Thank YOU: The fabulous kindness of strangers.

Fabulousness can happen when all sorts of nice people do good little things that add up to make yourself feel more together than you actually are. Moments of kindness are priceless… especially for new moms. I know. (I’m thinking you know too.)

Here’s a friendly, frank reminder about how even the smallest moments of kindness can turn a bad day much better. And so, I will say my thank-yous… hoping to inspire a ripple effect.

Thank you, SALESGIRL, for giving me the large dressing room with the carpet so that a newly-mobile little girl could stretch her crawling legs while Mommy shopped for work clothes.

Thank you, FRIENDLY MIDDLE-AGED ASIAN GENTLEMAN, for pointing out that LadyP’s tiny brown sweater fell out of my stroller in a rushed haze, and then bending to pick it up for me. (No picture for this one… didn’t want him to think I was a complete weirdo for stopping to take one.)

Thank you, RESTAURANT HOSTESS, for giving LadyP and I a perfectly large, window table in the front corner of your restaurant with enough space to spread out on and more than enough space behind it to park my stroller… as opposed to banishing me to the back and requiring me to accidentally ram into every patron in my path along the way.

Thank you, BUSBOY, for offering to park my stroller right outside the restaurant’s kitchen area… as opposed to laughing at me struggling to squeeze in down the narrow hallway en route to the bathrooms. (This time was too hectic to take a pic.)

Thank you, MR. WAITER, for bringing me my favorite Tootsie Roll Pop flavor along with our bill… it’s almost as if you knew I’d need it for the unexpectedly long, traffic-ridden ride home (1 and a half hours!).

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It was a successful day, and we couldn’t have made it without any of you…

Fabulous people offer joy, kindness, assistance and smiles.

Don’t forget to be fabulous for others… they might need you and not know it.

Or might just be really busy with a baby.


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