Vigilance: Do you have it?


Over the past few weeks I’ve noticed myself saying “I miss you” over and over and over to my Hubby. And he says it back (while also playfully imitating me in a high-pitched voice that’s supposed to sound like me). No, nobody’s traveling. No, nobody’s moved out. No, nobody’s been leaving the other one at […]

Rant! Part 2: Why I’m treating my baby like a puppy.


I got some flack for my declaration to resist babyproofing on my post yesterday (but isn’t that the fun of a blog? freedom of speech and expressing opinions to promote discussion?) To make up for it (or perhaps enrage others more), here’s my promised Part 2 regarding Babyproofing: In lieu of babyproofing, I’m beginning to […]

Rant! Part 1: Why I’m lying to my husband…

Now might be a good time to move this kid.

So LadyP has been crawling like a son-of-a-gun for a few weeks now… and Hubby has been constantly instructing me to babyproof the house. “Yes” I nod. I lie. I most likely will do something non-invasive eventually, but at this headstrong moment in my parenting journey, I’m proclaiming that babyproofing is baloney. That’s right. I call […]

Fab Find Friday DISCOUNT! Jilly Loves Jordann Jewelry.

Engraved Magnolia Enamel Charm (turquoise), $250.

I love it I love it! Yes I do! I do! I do! And, it’s not just because I got wear a gorge Jordann Jewelry necklace for co-hosting Her Say this week or because Kourtney Kardashian or Katherine Heigl have been seen sporting JJ designs too. It’s simple: I like Jordann because it’s pretty and nice […]

How I May Have Scared Brooke Burke… and how she returned the favor.


It’s been a hell of a week, kids. In 3 completely unrelated work experiences, I buddied up with Soleil Moon Frye (the gal formerly known as Punky Brewster) for Her Say, interviewed Julia Roberts, and possibly made an a$$ out of myself in front of Brooke Burke. Even though I’m a professional, I sometimes can’t help turning into […]

Fab tip! Burritos and gas for dinner?


If there’s one thing that I’ve learned in my crazy line of working in TV/news, it is: EVERY MOMENT COUNTS. TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE. TREAT EVERY SECOND AS THOUGH IT IS YOUR MOST PRECIOUS RESOURCE. I’m beginning to think that my news classes in college were really teaching me how to be prepared for […]

My Fabulous Father’s Day Flop.


So our very first Father’s Day in the history of our new little family was super-fun but semi-fabulous. Although our main gift of much-needed summertime ‘dad’ clothes and yummy breakfast went off without a hitch, the big wham-bam finish for my Dad’s Day plan fell flat… all because my printer decided to act like a bitch. […]

Father’s Day Finds! Get him something YOU want too.

Black Skull, $65.

If you’re like me, you can be totally fanatical about chocolate and stylish bags. For Father’s Day, go ahead and feed your own addiction with these *fabulously-macho-yet-fun-for-Mommy* gifts that you AND the new Dad in your life can enjoy together. It’s not being selfish, it’s being smart & savvy in a semi-sneaky way. God Bless […]

Father’s Day Find! A fun/funny gift to block out screaming kids… at a discount.


Some dads I know like to revel in a huge celebratory extravaganza to recognize how Father’s Day is their day, but a lot of dads I know just want to be left ALONE. Not in a bad way, but in a “I just want to do things that I never have time to do” or a […]

Who knew I’d learn this much from chicken?


The introduction of ‘meats’ to baby has begun. As a meat-eater myself, I will tell you that just opening the itty-bitty jars of baby food “meat” has been the grossest thing I’ve attempted in my new-momdom yet. It’s worse than the worst poop-attack. It’s worse than the chunkiest upchuck. I’m this close to making LadyP […]

UNfabulous: Why I encourage moms to get really sick every now and then…

The mess I woke up to Saturday morning... but he pulled it off. New faucet!

Guess how we kicked off our very first Father’s Day week over here? With vomit on the bathroom floor. This time I was to blame for the mess (not LadyP). No, I wasn’t drunk. No, I’m not pregnant. But I was unbelievably ill this past weekend. I guess you could blame little LadyP a little […]